Jennifer Paige

Jennifer Paige is no stranger to the music world having a successful beginning with the beautiful world Wide hit Crush to many duets including one with Backstreet Boy Nick Carter- To new music including the new single ‘“Happy, Happy Holidays to You” ‘

and a new CD which she hope to release next year, with a new mini tour across the US there is no slowing down for Jennifer.

She recently spoke to Music Promotions about her new music, what she would change if she could re live any of her career, what advice she would give aspiring new artists, future music and  more.

Jennifer Paige-new

Can you tell us more about your current single? 

“Happy, Happy Holidays to You” was a song I wrote about getting back to basics during the holidays – remembering that we celebrate the love for one another, and not necessarily all the gifts we receive. I wanted the sound to be traditional bells and chimes with a mixture of more current sounds, using jangly guitars and cool beats. The entire album takes this approach, using a mixture of traditional and modern music to create a somewhat retro/modern effect. The 2nd verse sends a little nod to my nieces ‘Jalen’ and ‘Emmy’, and for that reason, this is their favorite song on the record! 😉

How would you say your music has changed over the past few years? 

I’ve simplified my music over the last few years. There’s less production, less bells and whistles, and more emphasis on telling the story with heartfelt lyrics and a vocal that truly connects.

Having recorded duets in the past have you got any more planned? 

None planned at the moment.

Is there anyone you’d love to record with in the future? 

I’d love to record with Erik Hassle. He’s one of my favorite artists at the moment.

Are you currently working on a new cd? 

YES! It should release in the spring of next year.

Who inspires you as an artist? 

At the moment, it’s Pharrell, Sia, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, Tove Lo…

Have you any plans to tour worldwide? 

We will start with a mini-tour in the States early next year and go from there!

Being in the industry for a long time and growing creatively if you could go back and do it all again what if anything would you change? 

I wouldn’t have worried so much about making everyone else happy. 

What have been your career highlights? 

Traveling the world and being able to work with some of the best musicians, songwriters and artists in the business.

What is your opinion on the reality music Tv with The X Factor and the Voice? 

It is a great place to gain exposure for a brand new artist. It’s important to know who you are and understand what you bring to the table, as well. Otherwise, you will be eaten for lunch. 😉

What advice would you give to any new artists coming out now? 

I’d tell them to download my podcast from iTunes – The Breakthrough Artist. I interview all kinds of successful artists in the business, and they are giving their best tips.

Who in the charts are you currently listening to? 

Elle King + above list

If you choose any films for your music to be on the sound track of what would yours be? 

The Notebook, The Godfather & Walk the Line 😉

What is next for you?

It’s a busy season – releasing the Holiday record and tour dates surrounding this release, recording new tunes for my new record and recording my podcast. 

Any final messages? 

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