Joell Fender Exclusive Interview

Music Promotions is excited to share our latest interview the incredibly talented Joel Fender who you should recognise vocally from his lead vocals on tracks with Sigma, Wilkinson and Sigala to name a few.

He is now about to release his debut solo track Lately, see the full interview below.


Can you start by telling us more about your new single Lately? 

Of course! Well, Lately is my debut single, it talks about someone you’ve been feeling or had a crush on finally beginning to have mutual feelings in return. We’ve all been there I’m sure lol

You’ve been lead vocalist for Sigma, Wilkinson and Sigala any plans to perform With them again? What’s it like working with each of them? 

They’re hardworking guys so working with them all was just incredible! With these three acts in particular, I was singing lead, this was completely different to anything I had done as I was only doing backing vocals beforehand.

Singing lead is another ball game, you’re up centre stage and you have to learn really quickly how to hold your own, how to keep the audience hyped and still deliver a good vocal. This taught me so much! It’s made me the performer I am today.

I’d definitely like to work with them again. More so this time as an artist in my own right, I think that would be super cool.

How did your collaboration with Elevns come about? 

We have some mutual friends so they were on my radar from then. Then I kinda stalked them on the socials lol, I heard some of their stuff and was really keen to get in a session with them. We had our first session maybe a year and a bit ago, and that’s when the foundations of ‘Lately’ were birthed.

Any other collaborations in the pipeline?

Not any planned at the moment but I’m super open! I love collaborating, It’s a perfect opportunity to exchange creative energy and I’m always down for that.

You’ve performed at some pretty big festivals what has that been like for you. 

I honestly love the festivals. It’s buzzing, from on stage, to back stage where there’s other artists and musicians.

There’s honestly no better feeling than being on stage, outside in nature, the sun is setting and receiving this incredible energy from the audience. It’s honestly my favourite thing. Other than that, at a festival you’ll always find me in catering haha

Who inspires you musically? 

I could go on forever but I’ll keep this one contained lol.

I’m so obsessed when someone has star quality. Mrs Beyonce Knowles Carter! I mean it just goes without saying! I’ve been a supporter of Destiny’s child and Beyonce for years and to see her growth and how she’s morphed into this mega star is just incredible. She’s keeping the ART in being an artist. There are some really important messages in her work and performances. That’s what art is about.

Also Mark Ronson! He’s outta this world! Everything he does I just find absolutely monumental, I’m such a fan. I’d love the opportunity to work with him one day

Are you currently working on an album? 

Yes! Definitely working towards it. I haven’t got an idea of when I intend for it to be released yet but I’m really enjoying the creative process right now and I think that’s what’s most important right now.

What are your plans for this summer and the rest do the year? 

So this summer I’ll still be touring with years and years. However I’ll also be working on a few more releases in the summer so stay tuned