Jordan Luke Gage

Music Promotions is hugely honoured to have interview star of the stage Jordan Luke Gage who’s most recently known for playing Strat in Bat Out Of Hell and Romeo in &Juliet, read the full interview below as Jordan chats about &Juilet, getting into musical theatre, his own show coming up and much more.

Your currently in &Juliet how are you finding your latest role?

I am absolutely loving being a part of this dynamic piece of theatre. Playing such a historically iconic role as Romeo but with a fresh twist on his personality is nothing short of thrilling. 

Previous musical theatre included Bat Out Of Hell, how does that compare to playing Romeo in &Juilet?

The interesting thing is that Strat and Romeo both have similar attributes but are also vastly different. They both have a youthful innocence and bucketloads of energy and passion but Strat is fearless and would laugh in the eye of danger whereas Romeo would probably run a mile. Intensity wise, it’s a welcome change to be able to play a role and not feel like I’ve ran a marathon after finishing each show (how I felt when performing in Bat out of Hell) whilst having a great character arc throughout the show. 

Can you tell everyone about your latest role?

Romeo is a super sensitive, overly dramatic hopeless romantic. He is in love with love and discovers through the piece that Juliet really is his star crossed lover. He has made some mistakes in his life which he suffers for but he knows that if he can’t have Juliet then there really is no point in living. 

How did you get into musical theatre?

When I was thirteen a friend of mine dragged me along to a musical theatre summer school and I ended up singing ‘A whole new world’ at the talent show on the last day in the town hall. Even though I was nervous, it was exhilarating and the feedback I received inspired me to continue performing. I then went to Starmaker theatre school in Berkshire alongside high school, performing in shows and giving me the skill set needed to get into a London theatre school. My drama teacher at high school, Geraint Thomas also massively inspired me as an actor. I then went to Mountview Academy where I received my degree in Musical Theatre. 

How long do you spend in rehearsals before a role begins?

It varies depending on the scale and the budget of the production. For big west end shows you normally have between 5-7 weeks rehearsals for an original show. If it’s an already running show it’s between 3-4 weeks and fringe theatre can be anything less than 3 weeks. 

Will you be releasing any of your own music in the future?

I am currently writing some music with a friend of mine which I’m hoping to release later this year. I’d love to have an EP launch before the end of the year. 

What kind of music could we expect from you?

I’m very inspired by so many different genres. I love Pop and love folk music so I think it would be somewhere in between. Modern Inspirations of mine are JP Cooper, Bon Iverand the 1975 to name a few. 

What was it like for you to perform to over 30,000 at BBC Proms for Bat Out Of Hell?

Wow, it was such a surreal moment. I found out the week before that I was taking over the lead role in the show and then suddenly on my first week as Strat I was performing at Hyde Park in front of that audience with a full BBC orchestra. It was thrilling and scary and surreal all at once. I loved every second of it and my cast were so supportive and the atmosphere was electric that it made the experience one of the most memorable I’m sure I’ll ever have. 

You’ve also stared in Cilla, what was that like and would you like to do any more tv work? What would be your dream tv role?

Cilla was my first tv role and working alongside Sheridan Smith (who I really look up to) exceeded my expectations. She inspired me on set; her work ethic, the way she treated people and her raw talent. I definitely want to do more tv work once I finish my role in & Juliet. I’d like to see myself doing some period pieces like ‘The Crown’ or ‘Versailles’ but also love modern series like ‘Killing Eve’ and ‘Years and Years’. I wouldn’t like to put myself in a box so I’m hoping I get to do it all! 

Musical theatre wise what would be your dream role?

I actually don’t have many dream roles as it were but I would love the opportunity to create an original piece again. It’s been so fulfilling to create and mould a character and a piece of theatre as an actor rather than come into an already formed show. I’ve loved it. 

(Okay, If I had to pick -Orpheus in Hadestown is a dream of mine)

When your on your down time what is your go to streaming music?

I listen to music mostly on Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube. 

What are your plans for the rest of 2020

I have some upcoming concerts, one being my solo concert on the 16th March at The Other Palace. I’m very excited to perform some songs from my career and inspirations to me. 

Otherwise I’m going to continue writing music, and get set up for the next chapter in my career whatever that may be. 

Any final messages? 

You can purchase tickets to my solo show on The Other Palace website and follow me on Instagram and Twitter at @Jordanlukegage to keep up to date with what’s next!