Junodream Interview

Junodream recently spoke with Music Promotions about their new EP, their live show in London, unit 12 Brixton, plans for 2020 and more.

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Can you start by telling everyone more about your current single Nobody wants you?It’s been a band favourite for a while. We wrote it during our time in Bristol and know it as ‘Beats’ purely for its nuts middle section. We’ve had our fair share of setbacks and is a middle-finger to all those times.  

Does this song set the tone for your EP?Yeah, it’s introspective but also has a defiant kick to it.   
What’s the whole vibe of the EP? How long did you spend recording and writing this?It’s a collection of songs that all link together in theme and humour – a combination of sad and funny. We picked tiny little episodes and turned them into bigger ideas. For instance, Limiter has intense music but the lyrics are kind of funny; it’s about being barged in a nightclub but not saying or doing anything about it. We finished the songs up in Leeds earlier this year, although some of them were half-ideas that had been around for a while.
The media have described you as the ones to watch, does this add a certain pressure on you? Do you have a goal plan set to reach certain bench marks in your career? How much pressure do you put on your selves?Nope. As long as we’re releasing music that excites us, we’re happy. We’re not really driven by what other people say. It would be too easy to have your confidence knocked as not everyone will be fans of your music. Persistence is key.    

Who Inspires you all musically? What music do you all like to listen to?We like SpiritualizedBeckBJTM, Yo La Tengo to name a few. They are musical wizards.  
How was your sold out show at unit 12 Brixton?Sweaty as hell. There was no ventilation system so everyone was dripping buckets after the first song. Eventually, we stripped off, got into the crowd and then canned the last song so everyone could get outside. Was a great night. 
For any one coming to see you live at Bermondsey social club what can they expect?The best (small-venue) gig of 2019?  

Any plans for a full length U.K. tour?Yeah definitely, 2020 is going to be a big year for us – our first UK tour for sure and a few shows in Europe too.
Any final messages?
Join the dream. Junodream. 

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