Kate Hill Fashion Interview

Moving from Music to Fashion with this new interview with Kate Hill who speaks with us about her new ‘My Lips Are Sealed Masks’ range and working with mini mode, design concept ideas, working on new lines and much more.

To see the latest new range look here: https://www.thedressshop.london/

Could you start be telling everyone more about your ‘Disco Diva Dolly’ range? 

Unique, iconic and for those that want to feel magical.

We just want everyone to feel amazing when they wear items from the collection and that they can be anyone that they want to be.

I think that is the only way to describe it…

How did you decide on the design for this range? 

I am a huge fan of disco, sparkles and all things magic! I know this sounds really crazy but it just kind of happened…and it happened so fast!

I have always been really creative and am continually saving things that inspire me. Whether it be buildings, textures, clothing items or jewellery I am always filing things away on my phone and on pinterest.

I was on set on a shoot and was introduced to the incredible creator of Rich Fashion, Ilona Rich. I was blown away as she is so creative. We got talking and she offered me an amazing opportunity to collaborate with her on a mini capsule collection. It was something that I had always dreamed of. Without even thinking, I instantly said yes and before I knew it I had designed the collection in a weekend and presented it to Ilona.

Amanda Rabor who is the amazing creator and founder of Mini Mode had always really encouraged me to start a clothing line and after telling her about the exciting news with Rich Fashion she said I had to develop the range. She linked me to the incredible Tara Hanif less than two months before we were due to launch exclusively at the February 2020 Mini Mode.

I flew to London a couple of weeks before the show to run through final ideas with Tara and meet with her in what is now the Kate Hill HQ. It was pure magic and it was then that the collection name ‘DISCO DOLLY DIVA’ was really finalised.

Tara is incredible to work with. We are on exactly the same vibe and I just love working with her. She helps me with the creativity and handles all my manufacturing and production

It has been an absolute whirlwind but an amazing one. I feel so lucky to be able to work which such an inspirational and supportive team.

When you’re designing a new line up, how long does it take to come up the final idea? 

The beauty about Tara and I working so closely together is that we can develop ideas very very quickly. They can be within a week…

We don’t mass produce as we want our lines to be limited and exclusive. As ‘Kate Hill’ grows as a business, this may change but for the moment this is one of our USP’s. We want to keep people excited by continually bringing out new exciting ideas and designs so that the disco can stay alive within peoples souls. Sounds silly but it is true! There is no better feeling…

What is it like to showcase at Mini Mode in February 2020? 

A dream come true! It was honestly magical and something that I will always remember.

We had such an AMAZING team working with us and the ‘DISCO DOLLY DIVA’ models were something else. There were so many things and people which made it incredible but they really were true stars. They brought so much energy and sparkle which made it all unforgettable. To say that I was bursting with pride would be an understatement. The memories will stay with us forever and that is something that money can never buy.

AND I was so lucky to have my nearest and dearest there to share the experience with me. Having them there made it so special

What advice would you give anyone wanting to a career in fashion? 

Be prepared to work! Do anything you can and do EVERYTHING you can to learn as much as possible. Be patient and things can take time but do everything you do with love and a huge smile. Don’t let things get you down…learn from them and take each experience as a chapter to grow and develop from as a person.

BUT the most important thing is that you do a job that brings fire and energy to your soul as you won’t feel like you work a day in your life…

Where can your range be viewed and brought?

It was be purchased online via the amazing The Dress Shop London: