Keelie Walker

Keelie Walker

Currently supporting Westlife on their huge arena tour Keelie recently spoke to Music Promotions about being on the road with Westlife, new music, touring with Jason Derulo and much more.

Not You out July 5th.

How are you finding the Westlifetour? 

It’s really fun I’m really excited for all the dates it’s going great.

 How was your first night of the actual tour In Belfast? 

First night I was really nervous and excited at the same time, it went really well, I really enjoyed it. The audiences was really engaging I loved it.

Where are you most looking forward to performing? 

Honestly all the dates, everything is different I’m looking forward to seeing all the different places on this tour.

This is my first major tour, last year I did three shows with Jason Derulo that was really fun.


Can you tell us a little about who you are an artist for any new fans? 

My music is more urban pop, I write my own music it’s more meaningful and more personal, I want it to be more powerful and edgy.


Have you a new single out now or coming soon? 

I have a new single ‘Not You’ out July 5th it’s on pre order it now.


Will you be doing a meet and greet on the westlife tour?

After my set I will be at the merch stand for meet and greet.


What would be the best description of your music? 

It is edgy, I have been told I sound like Ellie Goulding which is a huge compliment.


Who inspires you as an artist? What music is on your play list? 

So many artists out there it’s hard to choose a favourite or an inspiration because there all really and inspiration, but if I had to choose a few of my favourites are Beyoncé and Billie Eilish I listen to a lot of different genres.


 Have you any more live concerts/summer festivals coming up after the westlifetour?

I am working on a bunch of new stuff their will be more touring and more music.

There is also stuff coming up what I can’t announce just yet.