Kevin Davy White

From the X Factor to the arenas giving 1000% With his high energy performances city to city in front of thousands of fans as The X Factor tour 2018 hits the road.
Kevin Davey White shows us exactly why we couldn’t get enough of his performances every weekend and why he is someone that you need to see live.

Kevin kindly spoke with Music Promotions before taking to the stage in Newcastle about his time on the show and future plans.

How has your life changed since entering the X Factor?

My life has changed in a good way people can recognise my passion, it’s nice that people know my face and it’s nice to meet them and thank them for their support.

What advice would you give any one auditioning this year?

Be true to your self and stick to who you are follow your heart and your passion and don’t let anyone say you are rubbish because you are the best version of your self nobody else.

If you could go back and change anything about the X Factor what would it be?

Nothing at all.

When can we expect music from you?

Hopefully this year .

How would you describe your music sound?

Pop rock punk soul.

What can you tell us about the X Factor tour and what can we expect from you live?

My passion and energy on stage also my professionalism every time I’ll be there there giving the best performance I can.

If you could duet with any of the X Factor contestants who would you like to work with?

I could easily work with any of them.

What are your plans for the rest of 2018?

I’m living in London now I’m going to make sure my business is there and I will go to the USA for a little bit as well.

Is there a city left on the tour your most excited about?

Just any where in the U.K.