Kiara Nelson Interview-Kisses For Breakfast out now.

Kiara Nelson

Kiara Nelson speaks with Music Promotions about her latest single Kisses For Breakfast, working with M-22, Touring venues and more.

Kisses For Breakfast is out now on all streaming platform’s.

Kisses For Breakfast, what’s the story behind the song?

Me and my producers/songwriters were just vibing and having fun in the studio like we always do when we started singing the lyric “ Kisses For Breakfast “ we knew this could be something good. The song literally came about in what feels like 15 minutes, it was as if the song wrote itself after we had the hook & title. The song is about meeting someone that changes you for the better and makes you want to hold on to them. It feels like the beginning of a relationship when you realise how much you actually like someone and just want to give them kisses for breakfast everyday even if it’s something you normally wouldn’t do. 

You co wrote this song, how long did it take to write and record it?

The writing and recording didn’t take long at all. Like I mentioned earlier, it really came about quite fast. I love recording with my producers. 

You filmed the video during lock down, what was it like to be your own director on your music video? How did you come up with the idea for the video?

Yes, I self shot it in lockdown with my director on FaceTime & WhatsApp. It’s an experience i’ll never forget.. a lot of late nights and hard work but so worth it. I love the video and what feels even better is how me and my director Tom Haigh did it all just the two of us, it really was quite challenging at times. When Tom told me about the idea of it being webcam and dedicated to lovers apart I instantly loved it. We really got each other’s visions and the work chemistry between us is great! The minute we started planning the Kisses For Breakfast video I knew I wanted Tom to direct it and edit it. He’s got so much talent.

You’ve worked with producers M-22 a lot, what is it like to work with them?

Working with M-22 is great. They are my best friends and we always have fun working, it doesn’t even feel like work. They’re so incredibly talented and big hearted, I’m grateful to be on this journey with them. 

‘After Hours’ has had more that 17 million streams on Spotify, how does it feel that many streams?

It feels surreal! The support has been so amazing and from all over the world, it truly feels crazy but i’m so grateful and hope to be making another song with M-22 in the near future.

Would you like to move into movies at some point and or record a song for a movie soundtrack? What movie would you choose?

I would absolutely love to be in a movie AND to record a song for a movie. One day hopefully! I love movies and watch a lot of movies but one of my favourites is definitely “ The Notebook “ or actually… all of the Nicholas Sparks movies! 

Do you have any plans to tour? (When it is safe to do so)

I would love to tour, hopefully there’s a possibility for it this year still! Nothing is set quite yet…

When you do have the chance where are you looking forward to touring? any venues in particular you’d like to perform at?

I would love to tour all around the world. Wembley Stadium is defo a big dream of mine… Madison Square Garden as well, isn’t that everyone’s dream haha. 

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

My plans for the rest of the year is to make more music, connect with people and sing! You can also see me on other social media platforms such as Youtube & Tiktok.

Final Messages

My final message is that I hope everyone stays safe and happy. To everyone supporting me and my music it truly means the world and I’m so grateful. There’s so much more to come so stay tuned <3 I hope everyone gets kisses for breakfast whether it is from your partner, bestie, pet or family!