Kiara Nelson speaks about her debut single and future music plans in this Music Promotions interview…

With the release of Kiars’s debut single ‘Adore You, Music Promotions was lucky enough to interview her about her music, who she has on her Spotify playlist, album plans, opening for Justin Beiber and much more.

Can you starting by talking about your single Adore you? The story behind it? 

Adore You is a song about being brave and confident with what you’re feeling and saying it out loud. To be honest with yourself and dare to love, even if you’ve been hurt before. I’d describe it as a feel good song with an uplifting message and a beat that makes you want to dance and feel confident. The perfect power song for a new day or for a night out. 

How does it feel to be releasing your first solo single? 

It feels so amazing. I’ve been waiting for this day for what has felt like forever and it just makes me feel so happy that it’s finally out and not even just that… the fact that it’s getting so much love already! It has been an exciting start and I can’t wait to see where this journey will take me. 

What was it like to open for Justin Beiber

Opening up for Justin Bieber was surreal. It was one of the best moments and experiences of my life and it was also a very eyeopening moment for me. My first time singing in an arena and the second I got on stage I knew this is where I wanted to be. 

From having stage fright to over coming it with Karaoke each weekend do you still have any last minute nerves before you go on stage? What advice would you give to anyone that experiences something similar?

I definitely still have nerves before stage but I think it’s also good to have nerves because it means you care. What helps me is meditating to something that gives me a confidence boost or listening to music that makes me feel good. Even being occupied the day of the gig to get my mind of thinking about it can be good sometimes. I just try to remember that this is what I love to do and I am so lucky that I get to do it. 

What artists inspire you musically?

Rhanna and Ariana Grande are my biggest inspirations and have been forever. Camila Cabello has also become a very big inspiration to me. 

Do you have the follow up single already planned out? 

Yes, we do have the follow up single all planned out and I couldn’t be more excited to show the next piece of me as an artist. I think all of my songs offer something different than the other but still sound like one whole. I think of it as a family and they’re all siblings.

Are you currently working on a album?

We have so many songs that we could already make two albums but at the moment we’re just going with the flow and going with what feels right. I definitely hope to put out an album one day in the near future! 

Where can your fans find you and stream your music? 

My fans can find me on Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and TikTok. I’m even trying to use Twitter now. 

What music are you currently streaming? 

At the moment i’m loving Camila Cabello’s new album. I actually have a spotify playlist of all of my current favourite songs where my fans can see what kind of music I like and maybe find songs that they also like from there.