Ksyran Interview

From recording a new album, to being a play writer award winning i may add and touring the UK with #Blue does Ksyran well not if her schedule is anything to go by, Live Events coming, A new album coming out, album launches and now an interview with Music Promotions

What has Ksyarn been doing since supporting Blue on their sold out tour, what will her new album give us in terms of style and sound all is reveled in this chat below.

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– my album Smoke In My Veins is all about my emotions.
There are happenings in  life that has made you who you are today and hopefully many more to come…
-as a close friend said an album to get you into the mood for some fun;)
My lyrics are important to me, they all tell a story, and I hope it will wake up personal stories to everyone listing to them.
– some fun 
– on my deluxe album some re mixes made by Superstylers
Mark Loverush
White Island
 Rapper Dr. Koul
Live version with my talented band Leon Phal, Erwan Valazza, Axel Luzzies,David Saugy, Gautier Toux.
– since the blue tour I have signed with label M:89 Records, Metropolis.
Written lots of new songs and recorded, some festivals this summer and worked hard for the release of my album.
– I loved working with Blue!
They are fantastic guys, I miss them! Monica Michael is lovely too! So proud of her, she is amazing in The X Factor!!!
– just working on a super exciting project with my dancing DJ Stan Van Ever!!!!
-Westfield and launching  my album in the UK, Switzerland, Norway, Ireland, Sweden.
– I think my dancing DJ speaks for himself, you just have to come and experience him!
– release of my album Smoke In My Veins and  filming in the UK.
– life is too short to hang around