Chelsea Boots Interview

Chelsea Boots who are they? What’s the story behind there current single Love On Me? Touring plans? See the answers to all that and more information about the 4 peice band from Spain in the below interview

Who are Chelsea Boots?

We are a four piece band from Madrid, Spain.

How long have you been a band?

About 4 years.

Love On Me your current single, is there a story behind the song? Who inspired it?

Yes. Love On Me is our ultimate fantasy: mixing, in one song, the intensity of contemporary urban Latin music with the swagger and violence of distorted guitars. It was equally inspired by J Balvin and The Rolling Stones

How much has your music changed since ‘Dreams Die On The Road and This Roof Is Burning?

 Not much really. They are all part of the same album, though Love On Me is clearly the craziest tune.

Who inspires you all musically?

 Everyone daring to push things forward. Right now, St. Vincent.

Can you talk us through your new album Guilty Pleasures?

Guilty Pleasure is of its time, a time when reggaeton and rock coexist in the same playlists, a time in which listeners devour antithetic songs without any prejudices, or guilt, or even remorse. It is also a clear statement: we understand culture as a diverse buffet, and we are willing to try everything it has to offer

Will there be a tour to support the album?

 Yes of course. We’ll be touring Spain this fall, and we’ll be visiting the UK in 2019.

What have been your career highs so far?

 Releasing this first album feels pretty amazing.


Which songs do you love to perform live?

 Right now, I think This Roof Is Burning is one of the most emotional moments of the show.

What’s next for you?

 You never can tell!

Any final Messages?

Thanks for listening and all the love from Spain!