Loveday Interview


Loveday spoke to Music Promotions about working with Sammy Porter, Djing, support from the chainsmokers and much more full interview below.

‘I Can’t Dance’ out now.

What was it like to work with Sammy Porter on the remix for ‘I Can’t Dance’? 
Working with Sammy was great! I am obsessed with the remix, he did such a good job. I love being able to work with artists who’s genre and style is so different to mine. I think it’s great to be able to expand my audience this way.

‘I Can’t Dance’ is a upbeat being in the moment song (this is what I take from it) what was your inspiration when you wrote the song? 
I wrote this song about a situation I’ve found myself in a few times. I used to get easily embarrassed because, as the song states, I can’t dance. This feeling of embarrassment would often hold me back from having a really good time. I wrote this song about realising that the important thing is to move however you want without caring at all what bystanders may think. The objective is to just have fun and feel good, even if you look ridiculous whilst doing it!

Where do you find inspiration when your writing any song? 
Every song is different, it completely depends on my mood. Sometimes I’ll be thinking of a subject in particular before I’ve even started writing, and I’ll just go with that. Sometimes I think of I word or phrase first and just keep rolling with whatever sounds nice with it. Sometimes melody comes first, sometimes lyrics, sometime I stare at a blank page for hours with no inspiration coming from anywhere! The process is never the same for two songs, for me anyway.

What artists currently inspire you? Any that you’d like to songwrite or duet with on a song? 
I’m really into psychedelic pop at the moment, a collaboration with Tame Impala is the absolute dream. Also since I was about thirteen I’ve wanted to collaborate with Alt-J. I just love their indie-electronic sound. Their album An Awesome Wave is one of my favourites of all time and never fails to impress me.

As a DJ your self, are there any DJ’s you’d like to collaborate with? 
This isn’t something I have given much thought to before, but who wouldn’t want to collab with Calvin Harris? I know it’s dreaming big but that would be INSANE.

When your writing for other artists have you ever wrote a song and thought I want to keep that for my self? 
Most of the time when I write for other artists, I’m quite emotionally detached from the song from the get go. But yes, there have been a few songs that I’ve wanted to hang on to and make more ‘me’, especially if I’ve written the song in a style that I wouldn’t use for myself.
‘Breathless Like This’ was supported by The Chainsmokers how did that feel to gain support from them? 
That was unbelievable. It was so unexpected but was just incredible to get even the tiniest amount of support from such massive artists.

Are you working on a new EP or full length album? 
I’m currently focusing on writing as much as possible, and working on my production skills as well. Once I feel like I have a strong collection of songs, then I’ll consider what I want to do in terms of an EP/album. I’m in no rush to release another EP any time soon, but I will still be releasing singles.
You currently DJ at Leicester’s nightclub Mosh what is that like? 
I love DJing, its so much fun! I’ve really been missing it since lockdown, I can’t wait to get behind the decks again. It’s the best job for people watching, and when everyones really drunk, it’s a great form of work entertainment.

How did you first begin in DJing? 
I started off as a light jockey, working next to the DJ working the lights all night. I loved this job but really wanted to be involved in the musical side of things so I bought my own decks and started practicing in the club before it opened, picking up tips and tricks from the DJ’s I was working with. I then starting DJing when the club was open, sharing the night with a more experienced DJ until I was ready to go it alone.

Have you got any plans to tour the UK when it’s safe to do so? 
I currently have no plans to tour in the near future, but I am dying to do this one day! I need to make sure I’m in a good position to do so before touring, but I cant wait until that day comes.

What music are you currently streaming? 
I listen to a very random selection of styles in my free time. I’m almost always obsessed with some sort of retro pop song, at the moment it’s ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ by the Bee Gees. I don’t even know why, one day I heard it on the radio then became obsessed, only 43 years late on this hype. I’m also enjoying listening to more current artists such as Joji, Etta Bond and Tove Styrke.