Lucy May Walker Interview

Lucy May Walker

Lucy Talks to Music Promotions about her latest EP, Songwriting, future touring plans, Movie soundtrack dream and much more in this new interview.

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Your latest single ‘Home From Home’ what is the story behind it? 
I wrote ‘Home From Home’ about the beautiful city of Edinburgh. I visit the city every year for the fringe festival. Every time I go back it’s like I’ve never left and feels like a second home to me. I love it.

Does Home From Home set the tone for your EP ‘Bad Day? 
All the songs on the EP are really different, Home From Home is actually the only piano ballad on there, I’d say the rest of the EP is more folky.

Where did you find the inspiration for each track on the EP? 
All my songs are basically like a diary, it’s a collection of stories and memories I’ve collected over the past couple of years. It’s all very personal but I hope it connects to a lot of people too.

As a songwriter your self, what songwriters do you look up to and any you’d like to write with?
I’ve always loved Nina Nesbitt’s music. I think she’s so hard working and I’d love to write with her. I think Gabrielle Aplin would be amazing to write with as well. Oh, and Maisie Peters. So many!

Recently you’ve done the rooftop isolation sessions will you release any of those songs to Apple Music and Spotify etc?
I think what’s special about those are how live and raw they are. I basically live next to two building sites at the moment so the background noise is pretty intense, I don’t think they’d work for audio only – but I wouldn’t say no to releasing some covers in between my own stuff.

Is the isolation sessions going to be a regular series? 
Yeah I think so! I’ve always wanted to put out content but always put it off for one reason or another. Being in lockdown and unable to leave the house allowed me the time to be creative and put more time into making content. It’s definitely something I want to keep up once everything goes back to normal. I’ll need a new name for them though if you have any ideas?

Your debut ep hit number 3 on the iTunes songwriter charts, do you feel any pressure to follow that up with your new EP?
When I released my first EP, streaming wasn’t as massive as it is now so it was easier to get people to download on iTunes. I always feel the pressure to keep improving in my career, but I look more at Spotify streams than charts now. It’s really easy to focus on numbers when that’s not everything – if the songs connect with anyone, it’s a success.

How long do you spend writing and recording? 
I think the best songs really write themselves, I find getting the motivation to write really hard sometimes but when I’m on it they normally come out in a a few hours. I then take the songs to record with The Dunwells who produce my music, we take a few days recording a bunch of songs it’s always good to revisit them with a fresh pair of ears.

Will you release a full length cd or do you plan to put out EPs when you can? 
The EP is now out and I have physical copies of the CD available on my website now. I am definitely working towards releasing an album in the next couple of years – I’m slowly collecting songs that feel special enough to keep for that.

What music are you currently streaming right now?
I’ve been a bit obsessed with Laura Marling’s latest album. I’m always in the mood to listen to her.

If any of your songs could be the soundtrack to any movie what would you like your songs to be chosen to be featured on? 
I love the soundtrack to 500 days of Summer – something like that would be cool.

Any collaborations in the pipeline? 
So as my entire EP was made by collaborating with different people, I am in the middle of getting some acoustic versions of the songs together for Youtube with those artists. I have something really special lined up for Home From Home with all the buskers & performers I’ve made friends with from the fringe festival… so watch this space for that!

Do you have any plans to tour again in the future? 
100%. I am an artist who really craves performing in front of a crowd and as much as facebook lives are helpful, they’re just not the same. As soon as it’s safe to, I definitely want to be touring again. Fingers crossed for 2021!

Final messages?
Just a massive thank you to everyone who’s already listened to the EP and to all the people who donated towards my Kickstarter Campaign to make it happen. The support really keeps me going!