Markivus Interview

Music Promotions recently caught up with American artist Markivus 

Speaking about his music, label Stand Alone Music, Nious Media, Deeper Than The Music Podcast, spreading positivity within music, working with more artists and much more, full interview below.

Can you tell everyone more about your label Stand Alone Music?

Stand Alone Music is a means of putting out music that I create and as well as the artist who are signed to Stand Alone Music.  The Mission is to Stand Alone and create music that goes against the current grain of urban music, meaning we create music from our heart and music that will inspire.  Music is a very powerful medium, music speaks to people its very spiritual.   I initially started Stand Alone Music as a means to put out my music.  I found and still find that very few have the drive and the meaning of team concept, in this competitive music industry there are a lot of people who are in it for themselves rather than networking and help build with others and I found that in order for me to make my musical ideas a reality I had to learn and do a lot on my own; however I found like minded people who also share my passion and ideas creatively who have also joined Stand Alone Music.  Long story short, we go against the grain to create wholesome music, music from our heart not for the fame or profit but because we love what we do and we love providing hope and inspirational content.

Your music has very inspiring lyrics who inspires your music? Life inspires my music, my daughter inspires my music.  Musically I get inspiration from artists like Sting, Stevie Wonder, Talib Kweli, Michael jackson, Jimi Hendrix.   Artists who created music from their heart and soul.  There are a lot of artists I get my inspiration from.  Also my life experiences, I feel that right now I am blessed to have the opportunities I have and my hope is that people can look at what I’ve been through and see my ups and downs as inspiration.
The stand alone merchandise where can we purchase it?  Stand Alone Gear  which is the apparel myself and DJ Dee Kimble started can be purchased via this link  On a side note our Stand Alone Music website should be up and running within the next couple of months and we will also have a link for Stand Alone Gear as well.
Do you have plans to tour with your music?   As of right now opportunities to do shows are on the table for San Diego, New England and in Texas.   Once our albums are completed we will definately look for more opportunites in the states in abroad.  The idea is to tour wherever the fans are, once the music is completed and out to the public we can formulate our plan of action.
Do you have any artists signed to your label? Currently Myself Furyus and DJ Dee Kimble are signed to the label.  Kamara O Fa has been featured on two songs and we are promoting her first single on the label.
What music do you like to listen to? I’m all over the place with my likes in music.  I used to be a DJ “Mark in the Afternoon” on WBSL AM1190 in Bay St Louis, working at that job exposed me to a lot of great music.  I listen to everyone from Sting, Radiohead, Jcole, Enya, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix.   As of right now Talib Kweli‘s latest album “Radio Silence” has been getting a lot of plays.
Anything else you’d like to add? Be on the lookout for new music and music videos.  Deeper Than Music Radio is also up and running.   For info, merch, music, videos, Deeper Than Music Radio go to   Right we are constantly creating working on bringing good quality music to you.  A lot to look forward to with Stand Alone Music.   Stay tuned and as always thanks for all the love and support.