Matt Linen

Matt Linen knows how to work a X Factor audiences with his soulful powerful vocals reminding us (like we’d forget) why we fell in love with him during his time on the X Factor.

Before he took to the stage In Newcastle Matt spoke with Music Promotions about the tour, his own music and what’s next for him.

How was the whole X Factor experience for you?

Really good, great to meet lots of people I learnt a lot in terms of TV in terms of the cameras and things like this. I am so glad I did it.

What were your personal performance highlights?

Personally playing Wembley was great massive highlight ticking that of the list and playing my own acoustic and doing a Beyonce tune was pretty cool.

What have you taken away from your experience?

I’m taking Kevin away from my experience (laugh out loud) I love Kevin!!

Are you working on your own music for release?

Yeah I’m working on loads of really cool tracks that I’m really proud of and I can not wait to release them .

What kind of sound can we expect from you?

It’s kinda has a soul pop vibe.

What can we expect from you on the X Factor tour?


What are your plans after the tour?

Putting together my own headline tour all be it they will be considerably smaller than the arenas, I’ll go back to my roots go out with a band, own orginal material in some nice little rooms I want to get out and gig as much as possible.