Monica Michael

#MonicaMichael has had quite the adventure. From normality to X-Factor to now touring with the longest reigning boy band or man band aka #Blue.
I feel that majority of those who come from or have been on X-factor have the desire to succeed cause they do what they love & Monica Michael is the embodiment of that. Coming out very slowly you can tell that she’s here to savour the moment. She’s the only person who can sing like #Adele & rap like #IggyAzalea, which makes her unique to say the least. She has a stage presence, she can have a laugh with the audience, she’s got something special about her, I can’t empathise anymore how good this girl is or how good she can be.  So what’s not to like? Nothing
I’d consider the hardest test passed, but the harder question is, where #MonicaMichael goes from here? Only onwards & upwards.
Monica Michael definitely one to watch.