Moxie Kicks

Moxie Kicks are new and fresh and have that instant listen and hooked sound.

Meet Charlie and Jamie who make up Moxie Kicks the band set to bring a whole new meaning to summer tunes with their brilliant single Soul For You.


Can you tell us more about Moxie Kicks?
Moxie Kicks is Charlie Freeman and Jamie Brown, from Nott Nill and Hillingdon respectively, and we met fortuitously through an online music ad, quickly discovering a great chemistry and a love of guitar led anthemic indie rock. Jamie was producing from his bedroom when we met and soon advanced all the way to a shed in a mate’s back garden where we bunked down and recorded our debut album alongside a wealth of highly talented local musicians – with Jamie and I making sure to put a lot of time into the writing process and making sure we got the most out of the songs we had written. We’re really happy with the raw energy and vibe we have caught on the record and are now just looking forward to getting back out there gigging.


Is your single a good indication of what we can expect to hear more of from you?
The record is full of energy and vibe, we strived to write songs that lift you, have big sing along choruses and which you just wanna crank up and enjoy. There is also a couple of more introspective emotional numbers but its mainly an upbeat, energetic record. Soul for You is a piano led party tune, vibey and energetic – there is also plenty of good old fashioned guitar led indie pop/rock on here.

Have you recorded your album yet?
Yes we have, the album is in the can and we have mixed about 5 tracks and are working our way through the rest as we speak.

How much creative control do you have over your music?
Full creative control. Jamie produced it(alongside old mate Tim Rowkins) and Jamie and I wrote all the songs together, mutually deciding what stayed and what got chucked. We have even sat in on all the mixes and the mastering so we have cradled it right from birth to delivery!

Who in the charts are you currently listening to?
Im not totally clued up on whats going on in the charts, mainly a radio 6 listener and have been enjoying of late – Arctic Monkeys, Foos, black keys, Gruff Ryhs, Robert Plant, War on Drugs, First Aid, tiny ruins, the barr brothers, james yorkston
Any artists that’s you’d like to work with?
Jamie and I are big fans of Turin Brakes – who have a similar set up – be cool to work and write with them. Honestly, there are loads of bands we love and admire we would love to work with or jam with

Who inspires you musically?
these are some of J and I’s fave bands – The Stones, The Police, The Cure, The Foos, Turin Brakes, The Doves, Blur, The Wombats, Counting Crows, Radiohead, Supergrass, violent femmes, Oasis – to name but a few. We are inspired by great writing and live performance – artists who write their own stuff and deliver it with passion – thats what truly inspires us.

Have you any live summer festivals/concerts coming up?
We get back out there gigging in mid sept (with the single coming out end of Sept) and we have lots of cool stuff lined up – a residency at a new west end club, some winter festivals and hopefully a tour leading up to christmas

What is next for you?
Shit loads of rehearsals!

Any final messages?
Cheers for the interview, hope you enjoy the record and catch ya soon. Cheers x MK