2015 has defiantly been a year for new music and one artist with new music excels with excellence with every thing that she releases with a top ten on the Itunes chart,



supporting the likes of: Nell Bryden, Ben Montague and Blair Dunlop on tour as well as releasing her next single Come Down meet  Nina Scholfield. Read more about what she has planned with this Music Promotions interview and head over to her social media pages for a chat with her she loves to hear from all her fans and supporters. 


Could you start with a brief introduction to who you are? 


Sure – I’m a classically trained singer, songwriter and pianist born and raised in Winchester. I’ve spent the last few years writing songs for other artists as well as touring with my own music and now I’m really excited to release my new single! 


What is the story behind your new single Come Down? 


It was actually a really late addition to the project that my producer Jo Pereira and I wrote very quickly. I think that’s why I’m really excited about it, because it’s something fresh and Jo likes to push me out of my comfort zone! It’s a twisted kind of love song about how addictive those high feelings are, and what it can do to you and the choices you make. 


Can you tell us more about your music style? 


It’s melodic, synth pop with a different feel from song to song. Come Down feels a little more hip hop whereas one of my future singles ‘Restart’ has elements of R&B in it as well. I’m really into expressive melodies and catchy hooks that hit you emotionally, so that’s what I’ve tried to mix into my new tracks.


From already having a no4 hit on iTunes what are your expectations towards mainstream success? 


I’m really just hoping to build and build through touring, releasing new music and working as hard as I can – I’ve always had a few big aims in the back of my mind which keep me motivated. One of them is that I’ll perform a live show on stage with a full orchestra –  I think having crazy goals keeps me moving in the right direction and helps with day to day successes. 


Having shared the stage with a wide range of artists who have been your personal favorite to perform along side? 


I actually had an incredible time recently performing for Dutch boyband Romeo’s comeback show in Holland. They are such lovely guys and welcomed me and artist Alex Alexander (who also performed) like family. It was a really uplifting experience.


You have also co wrote with quite a few huge artists is there anyone that you haven’t worked with that you would like to in the future? 


So many people! I really admire and love Imogen Heap. Her songs are incredibly creative and so well produced – I’ve been listening to her music for about 10 years so it’s made a big impact on me. Equally I would love to work with Chris Martin – I have a 3 point plan there. Meet him, write with him and perform with Coldplay; I’ve already managed the first bit so just two more to go! (No biggy!!)



Who do you admire as a songwriter? 


Max Martin is a songwriting powerhouse and has written some of my favourite ever songs. I’m loving his work with Ellie Goulding (On My Mind) of recent. I’m lucky enough to work with some incredible songwriters who keep me inspired everytime I go in the studio too!



Who influences you musically? 

Artists like Ellie Goulding, Dirty Loops, Above and Beyond, as well as loads of individual songs that capture something emotive. Also things that happen in my life, stories I hear from other people and sometimes I just feel in the mood to write! It’s great because inspiration and influence can come from so many different places that can change from day to day.


Who in the charts are you currently listening to? 


Everyone! I love the charts! I’m an avid listener of pop music and feel it’s important to listen to lots of new releases every week. I love The Weeknd’s new single, Disclosure are great, and Walk The Moon’s album is incredible.


What can we expect from your up and coming live shows? 


I’m going back to my roots and accompany myself with the piano to give my new songs a different feel. It’s exciting because I can really convey the emotion behind the lyrics when it’s just a piano and me. There’s nowhere to hide! I’ll be playing some as-of-yet unreleased songs as well as my new single Come Down and a few more surprises!


If your music was to be on the sound track to any movie which movie would you choose? 


That is a toughy! My favourite ever movie is Meet Joe Black and the music (by Thomas Newman) is absolutely beautiful. I’d love to have one of my songs played in the closing credits of that. I think it would be amazing to have one of my songs rearranged and sung in Pitch Perfect too.  


What is next for you? 


Next up is touring the UK as a support artist for the likes of Nell Bryden, Ben Montague and Blair Dunlop. That will keep me busy whilst I put out my new music and get ready for my album release next year.


Any extra you would like to add that I haven’t asked you within this interview?


I love chatting to people on my social media sites so come and get involved on facebook, snapchat and twitter if you like!

Snapchat: ninaschofield