Music Promotions caught up with Rose May to find out more about the singer songwriter and her new single ‘Crazy’

Rose May talked about her cool new single ‘Crazy’ fashion and movies, touring plans and much more see the full interview below.

You had your first number 1 on the Austrian ITunes Charts with Love Me Right, how did that feel for you getting to number 1?
It was amazing. I couldn’t believe it.

Did it add any pressure on your next release?
Yes. Definitely. Also I was still on the way of finding my sound, meeting new producer and getting new ideas. It taught me that you always have to be ready.

Your single Crazy which is out now, what’s the story behind it?
It’s about unconditional love and what one would do for it.

Your music has taken you in different and very cool new vibe directions, would you say with Crazy this is where your at right now musically?
Yes. I finally found my sound and I can stand a 1000% behind it.

You have such a unique style and sound who are your biggest influences?
Lauryn Hill. I love Lauryn Hill so much. The way she express herself through her music is amazing to me.

Your fashion style is incredible and versatile do you have any plans to release your own clothing range and maybe even a Makeup line?
I love fashion. I’m definitely making plans and thinking about my own fashion brand which also might include a make up line aswell.

Singer songwriter, dancer, how about actor? Would you like to move into the movies?What would be your dream role?
Funny enough. I studied acting. I used to act before and it’s so much fun. I always dreamed of playing an action figure in an action thriller movie.

Do you have a EP or full length album coming out?
For right now I’m focusing on dropping singles but it’s on the back of my mind. Step by Step.

Any touring plans?
For right now I still doing Promotion. But i’ll always keep you updated on my Social Media Account.IG handle @rosemayalaba.

Plans for the rest of the year and moving into 2020?
I’m dropping my next single by January 2020 it’s called “Oshey” and im very excited about that.