Thank you to Nathan for taking time and giving a great interview about the bands music, new single, touring and more. Also see the Music Promotions podcast for audio to this interview on all streaming platforms.

Can you start by telling us more about your single ‘Big Sur’? 
Big Sur was born out of a lot of grey days on an industrial estate in Doncaster wanting to be at the beach. We were listening to a lot of Dick Dale and Beach Boys at the time and wanted to capture that 60s surf sound but bring it into 2020., but struggled to capture the vibe in Sheffield. We figured we’d get closer to the coast, so got in touch with Ian Skelly from The Coral, and spent a few days there creating it.

What was it like to record In the iconic Parr Street Studios? 
Amazing! We had big boots to fill but we’re buzzing with the result we stayed in the hotel above too which is almost shining-esque with the red carpets and stuff. Was good to incorporate some of the mad vintage instruments they have there too like the vox continental and a mad 1940s amp which both feature on this record.
To describe your music in three words would be? 
Are you currently working towards releasing an album?
That’s sort of the ultimate aim however we have no plans to release one as of yet. We have the songs just not the plans.
Who inspires you all musically individually? 
Me – Warren Zevon 
Corey – Walker Brothers, Alex Cameron, 
John – Bob Dylan, Gram Parsons
Conor – Television & Blondie
Harry –  Donny Benet, Rolling Stones
What music are you all currently listening to? Weyes Blood, Orville Peck

You’ve had some pretty good supports so far, what have been your favourite venue to performAt? 
Deaf Insitute or Arts Club, both absolute dream venues with lavish staging and auditoriums, would love to play there.
Any venues you’d like to perform at that you haven’t yet? 
Brudenell in Leeds, love that place!
What are your plans over the summer and the rest of the year? 
In all honestly the future is uncertain with the current situation and we need to focus on following advice and keeping everybody safe but. Really excited for Tramlines.
Anything else you’d like to add that I haven’t asked you?
Keep a good head, look after one another and always carry a lightbulb.