“A coy, pop-leaning return, with her folk-indebted songwriting swept through with laid back jazz elements.” –Clash

“If you like Björk and Nick Cave, try Birthh.” – Sunday Times Culture

“…offers a musical smorgasbord of sound that brings pop, folk, jazz and electronica to the mix.”– American Songwriter

Rising star Birthh recently built on her cult following in her homeland when she recently shared her new track ‘Supermarkets’. Now she shares the video to new single ‘Yello / Concrete’ ahead of her debut London show at the Servant Jazz Quarters on December 3rd.
The new video was filmed and edited by Birthh between the Tuscan countryside and Milan and premiered on Wonderland this morning. ‘Yello / Concrete’ is the sound of an artist confidently merging sounds which shouldn’t flow together quite as naturally as they do. Birthh’s vocal is rooted in the world of neo-soul, yet the production does something very different. The intricate, hip-hop flavoured beat flows into the warmth of some organic live instrumentation which is topped by unconventional guitar line. It’s a song in which Birthh makes the unconventional sound effortless.
‘Yello / Concrete’ emerged when Birthh was sat alone in a windowless room on a scorching hot day in Los Angeles. Her plan for the day was simple: quickly write a beat for a rapper she’d met in Chicago and then head to the beach for the day. Fate, however, had its own ideas.
“I rolled a couple of joints and made two different beats. I panned one on the left and one on the right, and against all odds it sounded surprisingly nice and organic,” she recalls. Gradually the song took shape, with bass, backing vocals and nuanced details added to the growing production. “When I was done I went out to buy some water and realised it was midnight. I’d worked on the song for fourteen hours non-stop. I’m not sure how that happened, but I’m glad it did.”
While the song was written, arranged and produced by Birthh, the final version was fleshed out with some additional live instrumentation, including keys courtesy of her regular collaborator Lucius Page (Solange).
Tickets for Birthh’s London headline show at the Servant Jazz Quarters are available from HERE
Raised in FlorenceBirthh (real name Alice Bisi) was first inspired to play music by her father’s love of Tom Waits and Bob Dylan. She started writing songs as a child and that ability flourished as she grew up. Her love of pop, soul, electronica and organic sounds provided the foundations that we now hear in her work. She’s since played shows and festivals alongside an eclectic range of artists including PJ HarveyMac DeMarcoAndrew BirdBenjamin ClementineNick Murphy and Imagine Dragons.