Nicklas Sahl Interview

22-year-old Danish singer-songwriter Nicklas Sahl has always made music his number one priority. Its magnetic pull first started at the age of just 4 when he stole his sister’s plastic toy guitar, and now his passion is paying off barely eighteen months into his career. His debut EP ‘Planets’ has exceeded 28 million streams at Spotify alone

Nicklas Sahl spoke to Music Promotions about Fall Walls, his EP, touring in Denmark and much more.

Four walls

What’s the story behind Fall Walls? 

Around the time when my music started to take off in Denmark, I started receiving messages from worried family members and friends asking me how I was feeling about all the media publicity and suddenly being so busy. “Four Walls” is a song I wrote to try and calm them down a bit and to tell them that I’m exactly where I want to be in my life right now as I’m truly living my dream. However, I understand that they worry and I love them for doing so.


Your debut EP has had over 28 million streams on Spotify. Do you feel more pressure with what you release to have that with each release now? 

My expectations and ambitions for the quality of my music are constantly growing, and if the day comes where I don’t feel like I can live up to those expectations and ambitions, that’s when I will feel more pressure for sure. Right now, however, I feel quite confident about my development as an artist and as a songwriter. That helps me keep that pressure down. 


When did you first decide you wanted to sing professionally? 

I don’t think it was ever a decision I made, really. My love to music kind of just lead the way towards what eventually became my profession. 


Who are your inspirations? 

To name a few: Paul SimonJames Taylor, the Eagles, modern creative monsters like Bon IverFrancis and the LightsFrank Ocean, not to mention James Bay, Leon Bridges and Ed Sheeran.


How would you describe your music sound? 

Kind of huge in a minimalistic way.


Have you any plans to tour? 

I have a tour in Denmark in the winter which I’m looking very much forward to. Internationally, it’s still really early days, but I will be playing some festival showcases in Europe and support shows and small headliner shows in Germany. 


Are you working on a album right now or another EP maybe? 

Right now I think it’s gonna end up becoming  in an album. I’ve got so many songs just waiting to see the light of day and I would love to show people a much broader perspective of me as an artist than what an EP can do. 


What is your ultimate go to goal? 

To never stop aiming for new and bigger goals with my music… and to buy a really nice house in the Northern Italy for me, friends and family!


What is next for you? 

I’ll keep working on becoming an even more established artist in Denmark, but at the same time I hope to see my music slowly but surely grow outside of Denmark as well. I have a dying wish to get my music out to an international audience, so I guess what’s next is doing my best to make that happen.