NJ Taylor

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“So You” is currently nominated in the 2015 Hollywood Music in Media in the Pop category and “Pop Army” is a semi-finalist of the UK Songwriting Contest in the Pop category.


  1. Your single “So You” has a huge following so far. What are your expectations with regards of mainstream success? “So You” is being serviced to radios in both the U.K. and Canada. I’m just looking forward to people getting to know me with this single.

  1. Is there a story behind “So You”? I pretty much got inspired to write it from past relationships I’ve been in and also stories I would hear from people around me, friends, etc. It’s that kind of story that everyone has at least experienced once so most people can relate to it.

  1. When deciding on tube remixers for this single, did you work closely with the production team? How does the whole process work? When I give a single to be remixed by a DJ/Producer, I give them carte blanche. I love seeing where they bring the song.

  1. How did it feel to make the semi-finals of a songwriting competition? It’s just unbelievable. I’ve made the semi-finals of few songwriting competitions. Every single time I see my name part of the semi-finalists, I just cannot believe it. It’s a great feeling!

  1. Who inspires you as an artist? So many people inspire me. I grasp a little from everyone; there’s something to be learnt from all artists. These days I’m really inspired by Taylor Swift; she’s amazing! She’s a true innovator.

  1. How or where do you find your creativity to write a song? I find it everywhere and anywhere.

  1. Can you tell us more about your EP, what we can expect? I wanted to create an EP that wouldn’t mainly focus on love songs. There are 2 songs that focus on love but the other ones talk about bullying, hope and there’s even one about music.

  1. As a child you played the violin. Can you play any other musical instruments? Yes! I’ve recently picked up the piano.

  1. ‘I Don’t Care’ received a lot of airplay and featured in the TV show Sex and Ethnicity. If you could have your music played on any other TV show, what would you choose? I would love for my music to be on “Pretty Little Liars”, “Eye Candy”, “Awkward”, “Finding Carter” and any other similar shows.

        10. What advice would you give anyone wanting a career in music? Make sure you do it for the right reasons

        11.     Do you have anything live coming up?

        At the moment, I’m just concentrating on the launch of my debut EP and on the release of my single “So You”. I’m                 looking into live performances but I don’t have anything confirmed yet.