Only The Young-Live Review

Only The Young- Live Sheffield O2 Academy  

It’s a cloudy cool September wednesday evening, after Concept & Canary Swing had already warmed up the crowd. It was time for the main event of the evening. Now I experienced Mikey Bromley, Betsy-Blue English, Charlie George and Parisa Tarjomani on the X-Factor tour earlier in the year & I loved them. But the only problem with it, they weren’t on that long & X-Factor tours tend to be at arenas so you need binoculars to see them if you’re far away. Which I was. Now though Sheffield O2 equals intimate setting equals closer views. Now in the smaller part of Sheffield O2, it was packed, not only that but the OTY fans were in full voice And they actually did alittle something for some lucky fans. I’ll not spoil it. Sheffield has some of the best fans in the country, 
As for Mikey, Charlie, Parisa & Betsy. They were energetic, they kept the crowd going, they never let them feel bored, Mikey & Charlie even did the typical rock star thing which is take selfies with the fans & get hugged ill say. Mikey even disappeared into the crowd during “Shut up & dance.” They did a mixture of covers, songs that they performed on X-Factor & songs off their soon to be released album. They sing so elegantly, They all looked stylish loved Parisa’s jacket. Their range of songs was nothing but diverse, they used the stage wisely whether it be for singing, dancing or holding fans hands. In short they were entertaining & worth the price of admission.
Cons. Nope.
A special thank you to O2 Sheffield for hosting.
Only the Young have started out the right way for their first tour & their first apperance on their own in Sheffield. So now I’ve been sang to & enjoyed myself immensely. I sense good things in 2016 . Possibly a small arena tour?