Only The Young

From the X Factor to their very headline tour-Only The Young are building up their own profile with radio tours, signing and their first O2 headline tour across the UK and Ireland to great success and delight of their fans.

They have also released their first single ‘I Do’ and are currently putting together their debut album.

They kindly took time out of their very busy schedule to chat with Music Promotions about their music, touring, plans and more, see below for the full interview:



Is this a good indication of what we can hear more of from you?
I Do is just one of the styles that we’ve got on our album – we’ve got a really diverse sound. Whilst it’s mainly guitar based we do kind of float through different genres. 
Can you tell us when your next single will be released? Not sure on a release date yet but it should be some time this year
Are you working on a EP or a full album? We’ve almost finished our album – got a few finishing touches though
What are your expectations on chart success? It’s not really about chart success for us. Although it would be great to break the top 5, it’s not as easy anymore. We just want to get our music out there & be heard. 
Having performed live on the X Factor tour how was that experience for you?
It was really amazing – travelling around playing in amazing venues all around the country. We were really lucky. 
Do you keep in touch with one from your X Factor year? Yeah we’re all still really close
How’s your first headline tour going? It’s doing great – loving meeting everyone at such an up close and personal level – it’s good for us to be able to give back to our fans. 
Where did you shoot the video for I Do? It was at a 1950’s style house in London
How was performing at Thorpe Park? Thorpe Park was great – love showcase Live & we had a wicked day
Who in the charts are you listening to? We listen to pretty much anything in the top 40 at the moment – were travelling everywhere and the radio is always on! 
If you could star in any movie what role would you choose and if your music could be on the sound track to any films what would your choices be? Probably Back to the Future – we all love it and it’s such a sick film! 
Any signings planned for your next single release? Yes – we will be back on the road! 
What is next for Only The Young? Album, more tours, oversees stuff & world domination 
Thanks to all of our lovely and loyal fans. We love you x