Philippa Hanna


Philippa Hanna is a rare and independent talent who is destined for a long career in music as a singer song writer with incredible vocals and inspiring self penned songs which you can easily relate to.

M: Will you be releasing your next single any soon?

P: No actually, we are going back to the studio to start and write a bunch of new songs. I have already written some new songs it’s for the start of the new album, I’m doing some light touring towards the end of the year and then next year I have a big tour planned for January, hopefully we will have the single ready for then.

M: Will the sound of your new album be similar to the album which is out right now?

P: I would say that the key songs on Through The woods like Hollywood are the gateway into the next album, it’s kind of got that Fleetwood Mac, Americano with a bit of a country feel and a bit of blues, definitely blues and country.

M: Can you tell us more about Rocket fuel ( full details at

P: Rocketfuel is a new crowd funding platform that myself and the team at Resound Media have pioneered, the idea is that if you are an independent unsigned artist you make use of the fact you have a fan base and you involve them with your career and do a monthly contribution with which they get rewards in return, say if the follower was to spend £10 a month, they would get access to exclusive music and exclusive photos and things like that, it’s a way of them supporting you and taking you to that next level without you having to sell out and get a record deal that is not suitable or a record deal that is bad to the artist. I am still open to being signed in the future but for now we just want to keep things as they are and stay independent.

M: How did you find the Rebecca Ferguson tour?

P: It was amazing! I loved it because I had done the Wet Wet wet tour and the Lionel tour it was like going on the biggest roller coaster at the theme park first, after that everything is a walk in the park really it didn’t feel as scarey, it felt a little more suitable for my style actually because of me doing some storytelling and connecting with the audience personally and it’s a smaller audience still 2 or 3,000 people most nights but it’s a lot smaller than an arena. I found it brilliant and because Rebecca Ferguson is a girl we have similar fans, it was really good.


M: You have just finished The Gentleman tour, how did that tour compare with the Forest tour?

P:The Gentleman and I have just finished a Dual Headline Tour and that was extra special because it is scaled down to a smaller audience and everyone in that audience had come to see us, the enthusiasm was amazing and people are so appreciative of us and our music. Fans who had seen me at the Rebecca tour and Wet Wet Wet tour were there so it was nice to connect with all those fans again.


M: From supporting to your own church tour have you any plans for your own small headline tour like all the O2 academies?

P: I think towards the end of the year I’m going to do an Autumn tour. I’m going to go up to Scotland because we missed out on Scotland on the Dual headline tour and I do have some fans there but its a long way when we were planning logistics and stuff, so this time we are going to go up there and Wales as well because we missed out Wales on the Gentleman tour and that was one of the places that received me well on the Rebecca tour, same with Wet Wet Wet, they are so great totally amazing.

M: Have you got any more tours coming up?

P: The tour that I mentioned next year January to March its a big one in terms of the amount of dates which we will be announcing soon. Stay tuned to and

M: What have been your career highs so far?

P: There has been a few, you have a few that really spur you on obviously walking out onto the O2 stage and opening for Lionel was phenomenal its 20,000 people the crowds were so warm and welcoming, I was so blessed by that and about a month ago my self and my husband went into a primary school and they had been learning a few of my songs, it was a personal invitation from one of the teachers who said ‘The kids really like your music, will you come in’ so we said yes and that was something else because 400 children singing along to your songs and its a positive song about standing out and being your self you think, this is really good stuff this is quality.

M: Do you have any favourite songs that you love to perform live?

P: For some reason a song of mine Raggedy doll which is about a rag doll that has no confidence and when ever I sing that song it gets a crazy reaction and on the Rebecca tour, I had like grown men coming up to me and saying that the song spoke to them about being the odd one out and being miss treated. It’s incredible for me to see a song that was just a little idea have a real impact. Some of the new stuff is going down well and people are asking what album it is on, so that is good.

M: Is there any one in the charts that you are listening to that you would like to work with in the future?

P: I have always been a fan of Pharrell, even back in the NERD times. I have all there albums, he is a very talented producer and it’s nice to see him work with some one like ED Sheran and bring something fresh to someone who is an acoustic artist, I would love to work with Pharell that would awesome.

M: Any final messages?

P: Yes, thank you to all my fans for your amazing support, keep following and stay touch with me.