President Street

Music Promotions is very happy to present this next interview with the fabulous President Street chatting about a very famous in their new music video, artists they listen to, touring plans, movies and more, full interview below. 

Need You Now.
How did you get Kate Jenkinson in your new music video for Need You Now?

Kate and I are friends and I asked her if she would be interested in starring in the music video and I was super stoked when she said yes. I think she is amazing in it!

Where did you shoot the video?

We shot on location in various places all around Melbourne. My favourite location was the dungeon scene which was shot in the basement in a historic building in St. Kilda – it was so cool hanging out in the belly of that building and the scene looks great.

What are your expectations towards U.K. chart success?

Of course I’d love to be able to say that we are featuring in the UK charts! That would be amazing but, more importantly, I’m just super keen to connect with as many UK listeners as we can. The charts do tend to be massively dominated by the majors and we are fully independent and DIY so we’ll take whatever we can get 🙂

Who inspires your song writing?

I tend to find my inspiration from everyday life or situations I observe around me. Often its a bit of people watching that triggers a new song and I usually try to explore an emotion/feeling in my songwriting rather than a ‘Look at me’ type vibe.

How would you say you’ve changed as a band over the years?

Tough question! It’s hard to say as we’re living it, but I think we are now a bit more confident in who we are and what we do. Hopefully that means our creative voice is clearer.

Do you think with social media and streaming it’s easier it harder for Bands to make it?

Yes and no. Its a double-edged sword in that its easier for bands to get music made and released now but that means there’s more music out there than ever and so getting attention can be really hard.

I think streaming is brilliant and the social media phenomenon is very cool as it obviously opens up a line of direct communication, but I struggle with the idea that selfies can be more important than the music – and so finding a way of communicating that is genuine and meaningful is the challenge that I’m trying to grapple with.
Are there any bands in the charts you’d love to collaborate and tour with?

I’m a huge fan ofRudimentaland I’m also really digging whatDua Lipais up to.

What music are you currently listening to?

I’ve currently got a few early Prince tracks on repeat at the moment like “When You Were Mine” and “Dirty Mind”. I just love the vibe and attitude of those songs.

What has been your most memorable moment of your careers so far?

Definitely the first time I heard one of my songs being played on radio. It’s what you always dream of and it didn’t disappoint.

If your music was on the sound track to any movie which song and film would you choose? What was the last movie you watched?
I’m a hugeStar Warsnerd so of course any of my tracks that featured in those would be amazing. The last movie I watched was the Jennifer Lawrence film Red Sparrow.
Any touring plans?

We’re hoping to get out to the UK later this year so watch this space!

Anything you’d like to add?
I’d just like to say a massive thank you to you and all the peeps in the UK who are supporting us! It’s extremely humbling and beyond our wildest dreams 🙂