Rana Rains Interview

Rana Rains speaks with Music Promotions about new single Rhythm, her album Rain, Musical inspirations and much more, Thank you Rana for this in depth interview to getting to know more about you and your music. 


Can you start by telling us more about your single Rhythm? 

Rhythm is very dear to me as it’s the first song that I actually sat down in my studio in Lebanon about 12 years ago and did all by myself. I Of course worked with artists but the composition, the arrangement, and all engineering work , down to mixing it. It’s also very special because I feel it helps ground people and it is a song About music, and how it connects to the soul, and is the very rhythm of life itself.

Does this single set the tone of your album Rain? 

I can’t really say that Rhythm sets the tone for the album as my album Rain has many different styles on it, some more jazzy or soulful, some more elctro-soul . One thing I will say is that it’s definitely one of the more old school groovy house tunes on the album, and represents me as an artist.

You’ve been inspired by a lot of people including Candi Staton, Cher and Nina Simone if you could release a single with anyone who would you like to duet with? 

I would have loved to work with Nina Simone, but I would love to work with Cher as I feel we both have a unique colour to our voices which together can be magical

What was it like recording with Shawn Stockman from Boyz2men? 

Working with Shawn Stockman Was an amazing experience as we clicked. The ideas were bouncing off each other and it was like we had worked together before. He is so very talented and humble . He also helped me to get out of my comfort zone when it came to singing .


Who in the charts right now are you listening to? 

Well to be honest , this is going to sound vain, but I rarely listen to the radio as I feel all artists with all due respect are sounding the same . I decided to release my music because I felt there was a musical gap missing with the old school music and this techno sound artists have today. So I listen to oldies lol.

Can we see you on tour this year? Any summer festivals? 

As soon as I find out my schedule for touring, you’ll be the first to know. Let’s not give everything away .

What are your social platforms where people can keep in touch with you?

You can basically find me on YouTube , Spotify , Instagram . Pretty much on most social media platforms  @ranarains

Any final messages? 

As a final message I would say to all artists, do everything through love and use your heart and passion. It’s not just about making money, don’t lose what got you into music in the first place.