Reality-style British movie to become world’s first powered by a virtual currency

A pioneering British movie, currently being filmed in South London, will become the world’s first to be powered by an online ‘crypto-currency’.

The producers of Powder’s Peckham are offering a 25% profit share in the movie using 25 billion ‘Kevcoin’, named after the sci-fi adventure’s lead character and inspiration Kevin Powder.

Everyone who appears in the film, as well as those buying a ticket to see it on the big screen, will be rewarded with Kevcoin. The online currency can also be purchased by those looking to invest in the movie.

The currency is built on the Blockchain used by popular online currency Bitcoin, with 1BTC representing 500m of Kevcoin.

Jason has been performing improvised comedy for 20 years, winning awards for short form comedy and feature length films. He has starred on Channel 4, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon, where he dislocated his shoulder on a live children’s show.

He added: “Kevin Powder is similar to Sacha Baron Cohen’s creations, but the difference is he focuses a lot more on the real people we meet and they spend far longer on screen. It’s exhausting trying to film and edit the whole thing in just over a month with just two crew, but I am determined to show it can be done.

“The character came from some advice that comedy commissioners had about me being quite fearless in front of the camera. So I wanted to create this physical buffoon. I wanted to get under the skin of someone that had utter belief in their own self but actually does things a bit upside down.

“Peckham is a great place to film, as it has the perfect mix of traditional Londoners, a large ethnic community and new trendy types.

“Finding people off the street and improvising with them is notoriously difficult. But the majority of the time people are fine and enjoy the experience. Two brothers we met – Steve and Tony – were so good they play lead roles.”

The on-screen action follows ex-roadie Kev’s exploits – documentary-style –as he attempts to make a sci-fi epic called The Day Peckham Stood Still. It will feature real people he meets on the streets during filming.

The whole project is the brainchild of comedian and director Jason Attar, who also plays Kevin. He came up with the idea as a way to give fans, investors, cinemagoers and those appearing in his “epic” a stake in what he hopes will be its eventual success.