Reggie And Bollie Brand New interview

REGGIE ‘N’ BOLLIE Single: "ON THE FLOOR" Feat. Beenie Man Release date: 27th October

Reggie And Bollie are back with their brand new single On The Floor which again showcases the sound of who they are and is destined to be a big hit, they also talk with Music Promotions about working with Beenie Man, becoming ambassadors and their new album!

Can you tell us more about your single On The Floor? 

Its one of our favourite song on our yet to release album. To have the opportunity to feature Grammy award winning and Jamaican king of the Dancehall is  a dream come through. Beenie Man has a had a big influence on us musically when  we were growing up and still to date we look up to him.

How did you come to work with Beenie Man? 

We expressed the interest to feature Beenie to our management team so they contacted his team. His team was nice but stated before he could jump on a song, first and foremost they needed to all like the song.When we sent the track, Beenie and his team loved and it all went from there.

What was it like in the studio recording with him

We were not in the studio together but they sent us a video of his session and just seeing Beenie Man vibing to our song in the studio was a special moment for us.

Any more artist collaborations coming up?

Yes we’ve got some special collaborations on our album with some artists here in the uk and out side of uk so everyone should be on the look out

What can we expect from your album Uncommon Favours? 

A very diverse sound and songs that touch on deeper subjects in life .We have really poured our hearts on the album so we will entreat everyone out there to grab a copy once its out.

Will you be doing a tour to support the album?

Yes, that’s definitely in the plans.

You became Ghana Tourism Ambassadors for the U.K. and Europe can you tell us more about that? 

It is a great honour to be  recognised by our Homeland on such a level. The current president and the minister for creative arts and tourism were impressed by our performance and the way we were positively promoting a great image of Ghana when we were on the X Factor so they decided to hounour us with the role as tourism ambassadors.

Where did you shoot the music video for On The Floor? 

We shot part of it here in England and parts in Kingston Jamaica

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

To release the album, go on tour and also keep working hard to grow our record label F.R.O.D Music.

Last message from you?

We’ll just like to push everyone to stream and download On The Floor and get ready as the countdown to the album release has started!