Review-The Shires

The Shires ‘Accidentally On Purpose’ Album Review

Country’s biggest UK duo are back with their gleaming new album ‘Accidentally On Purpose’.

12 tracks take us through the journey that The Shires have been on since the very beginning as they progress their sound, style and incredible song writing.

‘Accidentally On Purpose’ feels as if The Shires have come full circle as the album was recorded in the home of country music – Nashville.

From the country-pop feel good vibe of ‘Guilty’ and the album’s title track which are guaranteed to get the party started to the vocally perfect and beautiful ballads ‘The Hard Way’, ‘A Head Of The Storm’ and the song written by Ed Sheeran ‘Stay The Night’.

Every song on the album showcases just how much The Shires have grown, particularly the perfect harmonies from Crissie and Ben; their voices really blend so well together and proves just how incredible their music is.

Not one song on this album is a ‘filler’. Every track represents The Shires in the best way possible weather you want something bright and up-tempo, something laid back or your perfect love song – this album has something for everyone.

They are country music’s finest artists! To see them on tour, head over to their official website for all the dates and to buy your tickets.

‘Accidentally On Purpose’ is OUT NOW! (Decca Records) –



Track 1 The Hard Way The Shires  
Track 2 Echo The Shires  
Track 3 Guilty The Shires  
Track 4 Sleepwalk The Shires  
Track 5 Accidentally On Purpose The Shires  
Track 6 Stay the Night The Shires  
Track 7 Ahead of the Storm The Shires  
Track 8 Speechless The Shires  
Track 9 River of Love The Shires  
Track 10 Strangers The Shires  
Track 11 World Without You The Shires  
Track 12 Loving You Too Long The Shires