From supporting music royalty Justin Bieber to guest vocalists with amazing artists and backings from huge brands Mac and Levi the future of Rothwell has never been bigger! 

With a new song Freedom Rothwell is set for further success.

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Could you start with telling us a little about who you are?
My name is Rothwell, I’m a singer from Bristol. My mum says I’m pretty fun and I trust most of what she says. I’ve been gigging in London and the UK for a couple of years now and am very excited about my up and coming releases.

You supported Justin Beiber on his U.K. arena tour, how was that?
What was the over all fans reaction?
It was incredible! Before that show, id never used in ear monitors and all of a sudden I was on stage in front of 16,000 with the lovely boys from the Knocks. Definitely something I will never forget.

How did you find performing at the festivals this summer?
I loved every second of it. I always have to pinch myself when im at a festival performing, I always think ‘this is my job! I get to do this for WORK. Still blows my mind every time.

You was the guest vocalist on the Metrick track You Got it, how did the come about? And have you any more calibrations in the pipeline?
It was so great and organic. I wrote a song with a good friend of mine, Alex Bakker and Metrik heard it and created his amazing interpretation of it. Gigging with Metrik has been amazing as well. I have indeed! Ive been working with Frankee and have a track out on his album this month so that will be fun.

Can you tell us more about your track freedom?
What was the idea behind this particular song?
This song is about that feeling you get when you know you’ve pushed yourself too far, you’ve neglected your own wellbeing and start to panic that you wont be able to get things right again. I’d describe it as the destruction of youth, how were all young and supposed to be having fun, yet we always reach a point of desperation and brokenness.

Who are your musical inspirations?
I’m inspired all the time. I love hunting through spotify and youtube to find current artists that inspire me. Classic songwriters like the Paul Simon’s of the world really inspire me and then inspirations I had growing up were the women I aspired and desired to be like the spice girls, Christina Aguilara and Pink! At the moment I’m listening to Cuckoo Lander, Sigrid, Billie Eilish and purple Disco Machine!

Are you currently working on a EP or full length album?
I’d say I’ve been working on an album since I started song writing, a collecting songs that tell my story throughout my journey. In terms of releases, I’ve got a couple of singles lined up and then hopefully will have an album next year.

You have brand backing from Mac and Levi would you like to have your own brand one day? Kylie and Kendall style?
Absolutely. I’d love to have my own sock brand (so in terms of Kardashians, more like Rob haha). I’d love to have a clothing line, I really enjoy coming up with merch ideas and I love a bit of fashion! I actually have some new merch coming that I have designed and its pretty exciting!

Have you anything live coming up before the end of the year and moving into next year?
I’m hosting a gig at the Gibson showrooms on the 29th of November and will be performing along side some of my favorite artists at the moment! And then I’m in the midst of planning a headline show for the new year.

What has been your high lights of the year so far?
I’ve had such an amazing year so far! Definitely playing a summer full of festivals has to be up there. But also the creating of my new music and artwork and stuff has been so much fun.

Anything you’d like to add that I haven’t asked you with in this interview?
I think we’ve covered it all! Thank you!!