Rubylux are a fresh and diverse band with songs that could both melt your heart and get you up on your feet. With a sound unlike anything else in the charts, it’s easy to set them apart and instantly say “that is RubyLux.”

Having released their two-year-in-the-making album ‘The World Goes Silent’ last year some of you may be familiar with Rubylux and if you’re not you soon will be as they’re set to release a soulful heartfelt powerful ballad ‘Lovers of New York’ featuring special guest Lee Ryan. Bringing Lee onto this song was a stroke of genius; blending together the vocals of RubyLux and Lee is music heaven. This collaboration merges so much passion, energy and feeling from the first listen to the end of the song and you can pre order it today from itunes ready for its release on the 14th of September.

If you haven’t caught RubyLux live yet check out for all live dates throughout the summer. The album ‘The World Goes Quiet’ is available to download today from itunes.


Adam from RubyLux

Can you tell us more about your single Lovers Of New York?

Lovers of New York is out on the 14th September and it’s taken from our album. Lee Ryan is starring on the track; it really suits his voice and it makes a big difference having him sing on the record.

How did the collaboration with Lee Ryan come about?

We had the idea of doing it as a collaboration and after a few meetings with our management we met up with Lee and we got on really well. We listened to the same sort of music (eg John Mayer) and if you listen to the lyrics musically it made so much sense. Lee is a brilliant singer.

Any plans to work with Lee again and maybe the rest of Blue?

Yeah I think we would. They are a brilliant band, good singers and make good songs. It’s cool to do stuff that is out of our genre as well. There were more obvious collaborations we could have done… but there isn’t much fun in that!

Can you tell us more about your album The World Goes Quiet for anyone who hasn’t purchased it yet?

The album is quite dynamic because this single is a ballad and not typical of the whole album – there is quite a bit of upbeat stuff on the album as well. We made sure all the songs from start to finish ran into each other. We spent a long time making this record and we recorded in Brighton, Wales and London. There is something for everyone on the album.

Are you working on a new CD or is this one your main focus?

We are still promoting this one and are still in the early days of recording. We have new songs written and we are back in the studio loosely.

Will there be any more singles released from ‘The World Goes Quiet’ album? (The album is available to buy from ITunes now)

I don’t think so, I think this will probably be the last one from the record. Creatively we are ready to move on – we have quite a lot of songs stock piled and we are ready to take the plunge on the next one now.

What are your expectations towards chart success?

For us to get into the charts it would obviously be a good indication that our music is doing well so it would be great for that to happen but we just want to keep making music that we would listen to ourselves music that we like.

Who inspires you all musically?

As a band we have artists that we agree on starting with The Beatles and working up to John Mayer, The Killers, Coldplay and Snow Patrol – those kind of bands. Stadium bands that sell a lot of records actually, so maybe that is what we want!!

Are there any artists that you would like to work with?

Yes, Rihanna!!! I have always liked the idea of doing something with Eminem too.

If any of your songs was to be featured on any film sound track what film would you like it to be?

Oh wow that is a really difficult question! Pulp Fiction that would be cool.

Have you got any live tours and festivals coming up?

Yes we have one in Cornwall this weekend (1st August) and more throughout the summer all the dates are on our website

What is next for you?

We are recording for a couple of weeks and then promoting the single. Hopefully we will do some live gigs with Lee too so stay tuned for all the announcements at !