Sasha McVeigh

Meet #SashaMcVeigh country singer songwriter who is currently touring alongside #SoniaLeigh.
Sasha is the country artist to watch she has a strong voice, amazing songs and can really shine on stage and through her music EP which is out now.
Find out who inspires Sasha, what she thought about performing at the C2C festival at #London’sO2 and future touring plans
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Hi Sasha Can you introduce your self for any one who may be new to you?
I’m Sasha McVeigh and I am a British country singer/songwriter. I’m also a huge Disney nerd or “Disnerd” as we’re called, to the extent that I wear a Mickey Mouse watch that I’ve had since I  was 4 years old and it doesn’t even work anymore, but I have to wear it!
How long have you been performing professionally?
Professionally since 2012. I finished at Sixth Form College in the June and my parents had always had this deal with me that if I did well at school and worked hard then they’d help me with my music. Well…I ended up with 5 university places and turned around to them and said, I still just want to be a singer and since I kept up my end of the bargain, they laughed and said “well, I guess we need to get you to Nashville”. So we sold whatever we could (my parents are pensioners) and I flew to Nashville in the July with a view to playing maybe one or two shows but I ended up performing every day for two weeks. It was unbelievable!
As a singer songwriter do you just write for your self or for any other artists?
So far I’ve just written for myself but I’d definitely be up for writing for other artists at some point. I’m just very personal with my writing so a lot of my songs couldn’t be recorded by other artists, I don’t think, because the stories behind them are very specific yet they’re still relatable. What’s funny is I think Brett Eldredge would do a great job on “Someone To Break My Heart” which is my first UK single – I’d love to hear him sing that song.
Do you have a current EP out right now?
I have an acoustic EP out which was released on my birthday in March 2013 and then my debut album is currently available to preorder and will be released in June 8th, worldwide.
Who inspires you musically?
I draw inspiration from lots of different genres. My Dad was the country fan in our household, and he got me into it from a very young age but he also loves Cat Stevens and The Beatles. Whereas my Mum is a Motown, Rolling Stones and Simon & Garfunkel fan. My parents are older but I think that’s been priceless for my musical upbringing and for many other reasons too. Some of my favourite artists are Elvis Presley, Steve Earle, Zac Brown Band, Bon Jovi and Stevie Wonder, among others. All of those artists inspire me because of their musicianship, artistry and the way they interact with their fans.
Can you tell us more about your single Some one to Break My heart?
Was this song based on any personal experiences?
This song was inspired by something  AJ Masters said while we were writing ‘You Only Live Once’. He made a joke that “songwriters need someone to break their heart so they can write a decent song”. That just cracked me up and stuck with me. I got this melody in my head and just ran with it. I took the concept to a different place though, writing from the view that you have to kiss lots of frogs to find your Prince, as they say, and in order to find love you can’t be afraid to fall and get your heartbroken because if you do that then you’ll never be with anyone. What’s funny is when I wrote the song, I hated it, I thought it was so bad but my Mum and producer loved it so it made the album and now has ended up being the first single. It’s crazy how things like that happen.
How did you find performing at the C2C Festival at the O2?
It was amazing!!!! That was my first time performing there and the UK country fans are just so enthusiastic, I love it. My show on the Saloon Stage was packed, they had to shut the doors. I think it’s wonderful what C2C have done to promote country over here, they’re really helping bridge the gap between the US and UK country music markets. Plus it was fun to meet all my fellow British artists.
Who has been your favorite artists to perform alongside?
That’s such a hard question to answer because I’ve been lucky to perform alongside so many incredible artists and I’ve loved performing with them all for different reasons and being able to learn from them has been wonderful too. We’re all like one, big extended family.
You are currently in the middle of your UK tour, how is that going?
Yes, I’m on a coheadline tour with Sonia Leigh at the moment. It’s going great. We are having so much fun. Some of the dates have sold out which is hugely overwhelming because this is our first time doing a tour like this of the UK and Ireland. It means a lot to have so many people coming out to see us play.
What has been the tour highlights so far?
Playing alongside Sonia, first of all, because I’ve been a fan of hers for a long time so I can definitely tick that off my bucket list. Also playing with my band because this is the first time I’m getting to play my original songs with a band, it adds a whole new dimension to the show. Plus the places we’re going, the people we’re meeting…it’s awesome!
Any favorite venues you have performed at?
I loved Oran Mor, what a beautiful venue that was and the staff were really sweet. Culpeppers in Essex is a fantastic little venue too and the people there have become like family to me – if you want good country music and to hear talented songwriters, you need to go there.
Which of your music do you love to perform live the most?
With the band I love doing “No Strings Attached Romance” because I get the crowd to join in on the “stays in Vegas” part and it sounds rocking with the band. I also do an acoustic set during the show to take it back to how I performed until I got with the boys. I love taking it down a notch for a second and going back to basics.
You have quite a few US summer festivals coming up, have you any UK ones?
I sure do!!! I’m at the Hay Festival on May 24th and I have a slot on The Telegraph stage. I can’t believe it because it’s a local festival for me, so it’s a dream to get to play there. I’ll also be at SevernSounds Festival and Dart Music Festival. I will also be doing more UK shows when I get back from the US in August.
Which artists in the charts are you listening to?
In terms of the UK chart, I’m loving what James Bay is doing, he’s fantastic. Then in terms of the US country chart, I recently got into Sam Hunt after seeing him at C2C – he’s a great guy too and I’m looking forward to playing alongside him in the summer.
Which band/solo artist has been your favorite that you have seen live?
Keith Urban was amazing at the ACM Party For A Cause in Vegas last April. He blew me away!!! His guitar playing is on a whole different level and he is so humble. You can tell he’s a genuine person and I love that.
What is next for you?
Any final messages?
Just lots more shows and fun stuff like that. My UK single, ‘Someone To Break My Heart’ will be hitting Radio 2 very soon and I’m planning on releasing a single in the US too. It’s all about the music at the end of the day and as long as I can keep doing what I love and there are people out there enjoying it, that’s all u can ask for!