Scouting For Girls

The band that made some of the biggest and best pop songs including Elvis Aint Dead, This Aint a Love song and Shes So Lovely are back with a new album ‘Still Thinking About You’  and a brand new single in time for Xmas ‘Christmas in the Air (Tonight)’ and a tour ( Tickets on sale now). Catch them live while you can…

What have Scouting For Girls been up to since their Greatest Hits album in 2013, What was it like working with 5SOS and One Direction, what will their tour have in store? all that and more as Roy Chats with Music Promotions about all things music!


What have you been up to since your last studio album?

We did a Greatest Hits in 2013 and then spent 2014 on the road rediscovering who we were and trying to become the best party band on the planet!

Which single will you be releasing next?

Hopefully we’ll be releasing our Christmas track ‘Christmas in the Air (Tonight)’… At least I hope so as I put £50 on it being Xmas No.1!

How would you describe the album sound of Still Thinking About You? Can you talk us through some of the tracks?

The album is like a slightly more grown up version of our debut. It’s fun, life affirming pop music, a bit folky with lots of strings and harmonies and our best album to date. It has three of my favourite songs that I have ever written… including the new single Life’s Too Short, the future Xmas No.1 (fingers crossed) and my personal favourite ‘Home’.

How much has your music changed since your last album?

Our last studio album came out in 2012. It was recorded in 10 different studios with 5 different producers and although it has some great moments, it’s not a proper album experience. We really took our time with writing and selecting the tunes with this album. We had no time or label pressure – Just the pressure to get it right. We recorded it ourselves in Wales and it benefits from a real musical cohesion.

You’re going on tour next month, will you be performing any of your old songs like Elvis Ain’t Dead?

Of course!! I think we’re known as a good time party band so we always bang out the hits such as She’s So Lovely, Heartbeat, Elvis Ain’t Dead, This Ain’t A Love Song. It’s always fun to play them. But we’ll also be doing some earlier fan favourites plus some of the new album. It’s going to be lot of fun – and very Christmassy!

What can we expect from your tour?

The ultimate Scouting For Girls Christmas office party!

Do you still enjoy performing your older songs?

Yes – Love playing them. I’ve never understood artists who say they don’t like playing the hits! It’s the best bit!!!

What are your favourite songs new and old to perform live?

All the old songs that people know. I also love the new record. It works so well live… We played the new songs over the summer and they got the best reaction that we have ever had. Hopefully this bodes well for the album.

How important is chart success to you now?

It would be lovely but we’re realistic enough to know that it’s not 2008 any more! I love where music is at the moment but in this record we’ve just tried to be ourselves… for better or for worse. If you like us I think you’ll love this record.

Are there any bands that you would like to work with?

I love collaborations. I can’t think of many that I wouldn’t want to work with.

You have worked with 5SOS and One Direction what was that like, would collaborate with them in the future?

If they would have us! Of course. It has been an absolute blast to work with both those guys even if my involvement has been small. The 5SOS success has been my proudest moment in music outside of Scouting. They really are such lovely, decent guys.

If your music was to be the soundtrack to any film what would yours be?

A cult lo-fi indie rom-com… some beautiful photography with a slightly daft script.

What is next for you?

TOUR! Then if we get a Christmas No.1… A long holiday somewhere hot.

More likely I’ll be back in the studio writing with and for other people. This will be our last Scouting For Girls tour for a long time… indefinitely even.. so catch us while you can!