Live Review

The NIA doesn’t host concerts that often but when they do & you want a night to remember right? Well the Saturdays payed NIA a visit along with their support artists & one was a brother & sister combination called SD*JEM. Made up of Shanel and Denis, SD*JEM put on a show. I was lucky enough to be in the pit to see them up close & personal. Shanel provides the voice power, the sexiness & the dance moves. Denis provides an almost soulful voice, energy & passion. They put on a great set, their spacing is good ie they crossed sides at the same time, they changed sides regularly so the crowd didn’t get just one of them all the time. They look like they want to be performing. There’s 2 things I think they could do to build on. I think Chanelle’s voice has a lot more to give & i know they are a duo but maybe solo songs with the other as backing. I honestly think these 2 have potential to do well but only if they are headed in the right direction & judging by what I saw, I think that is a possibility.