she wowed on the X Factor showing her style and elegance with her incredible vocals and she is following on from that with shownstopping performances night after night on the X Factor life tour , Shan is born to perform. 

Check out Shan’s music video on YouTube.

How has your X factor journey been from the auditions to the tour? 

It’s been absolutely amazing. I always wanted to get here, but I never pictured it like this and it’s amazing, so I have no complaints, but only growth and great times. Great memories! I’m just really grateful for this whole experience.


What have been your highlights? 

Performing on TV and in arenas. Being around all the artists that are on the show as well, getting to know them, encouraging them on their journeys, as well as myself. It’s been really good to get to know everyone, as well as perform.


Where has been your favourite place to perform on the tour? 

I’d say Wembley, because it was like a full circle. That’s where we started, this is where we end sort of thing. It just brought back a lot of memories and I was really reflecting on the journey that day. I felt very grateful.


Do you get any preshow nerves? 

I did in the beginning, because I was dancing for ‘Get Back’ and I don’t usually do that. When you’ve rehearsed a song for a while, you tend to not get as nervous, but if you’re doing something different, for example with ‘Get Back’ I was dancing, I was like “Oh god, am I going to get my moves right?” and “Ah, everybody is going to be looking at me” (laughs). It’s kind of scary sometimes, but the pre-show nerves have gone. I’m more and more excited every time I go on stage.


When will you be releasing your own music? 

Definitely very soon. I will be releasing some songs this year. It shouldn’t be too long after the tour is done. That’s definitely in the pipeline. I just put a music video out. It’s called ‘The Silence’ and it’s out there on YouTube at the moment, which is very exciting.


Who inspires you as an artist? 

People that continue to go for it. Anyone that continues to go for it. Any music that is meaningful, that I can really feel. That’s what inspires me to make more music.


What can we expect from it? (What music direction will you be going in?)

I’d say music for everyone. Music that people can relate to. Music for the times. Soulful pop kind of vibe with hints of folk, hints of reggae, hints of RnB. Music from the soul.


What are plans after the tour? 

To release more music and to perform more, travel more and continue to build my team after the show.