Sheppard Throw Back interview from August 2014

Australian band Sheppard have already shown the Australians how amazing they are with their album and the brilliant single Geronimo now its time to the show the UK what they have been missing.   Before they take to the stage at Westfield London i had the opportunity to interview them to find out more about Australia’s hottest band right now.


Can you tell us more about your new single?

Yes its fun its catchy it has that summer vibe even in winter (laugh out loud!) it has a big sound easy to dance to and really upbeat.

From the huge chart success that you have in your native Australia, what are your expectations towards it over here? 

You can never really expect it when we wrote Geronimo we had a really good feeling about it but you never really know how its going to translate to the rest of the people that hear it i am sure a lot of musicians feel the same about their own music so its a case of hope for the best and see what happens we have a really good team behind us and we hope it does well. 

How Long have you been in the UK for, are you enjoying your stay?

We have been here for two weeks now we really enjoy it over here we have played a few festivals and a couple of our own gigs and its all gone really well the reception has been fantastic, people who have never heard of us before seemed to really get into it and are singing along.

Have you any favorite venues that you have performed at so far while you have been in the UK? 

We played at the Barfly the other night in Camden which was sold out that was amazing for us a whole bunch of our fans coming along and enjoying our music.

Do you have your next single all ready planned out?

We have actually got the album out all ready in Australia and Geronimo is actually our second single in Australia and over here its our first single and our next one will be the first one in Australia! and after that our album will probably follow in October some time its called Bombs Away you can pre order it now. 

Are there any artists in that charts that you are currently listening to? 

Coldplay always been a huge fan they are a band that i have always been inspired by & Sam Smith! Magic we think they are really cool they have a similar sound to us they have a summery vibe also Rudimental. 

What can people expect from the album? 

Geronimo is a good indication but at the same time not one song is like the others its all a very different style of music, Geronimo is the first song off the album but there are a lot of funky based pop music in there some jazz influences there is even a song with a little dub step all the songs have there own different personality no two songs are the same but they are all based on the classic pop structure we all write our own songs and play our own instruments its all from the heart.

Have you got any more live shows coming up after the albums out will you be coming back to the UK?

We are going to Ireland to play a festival we have another Westfield show tomorrow apart from that it’s going to be a whole bunch of shows around Europe Italy, Germany, Holland and France then we are going to be back in November after the album has dropped.

Anything else you would like to say?

Look out for us when we come back and thank you for having us and the support you give us.