‘shi offline’ Interview

Meet ‘shi offline’ , as they discuss single God Is A Witch, writing techniques, Who exactly ‘shi offline’  are and much more with this interview.

What’s the story behind ‘God Is A Witch’? 
God is a witch means incredibly much to me and hits me directly into my heart. The track describes my writing, but also my entering, triggered by toxic structures and expectations – expectations that are linked to my humanity, utopic role models that rather cause me to wither than to flourish. But there comes the realization, the awareness about the frustrating situation and thereby the burndown and wipeout of that situation. There is a silver lining, a unification, the establishment of own structures – own healing structures.
Does this song set the tone for your album  ‘Golaya’? 
To be honest it wasn’t the first track we wrote for the album. So in terms of building the album concept it doesn’t. It came to us more or less towards the end of the writing process. A techno producer friend of ours had a track he wasn’t sure if it was to melodic for his releases.We gave it a shot. Adapted it to the album concept and it really felt right.

Each of your music videos have an interesting dynamic, how do you come up with the ideas for your music videos?
lisa does a lot of fine arts and installations. Ideas are never a problem to come up with. Only the time and resources to realise them. 

For anyone new to shi offline could you tell everyone a little more about your selves?
We’re a duo from Hamburg and Berlin. Alisa is performing vocals and writing songs with Gordian since 2015. The sum of imperfection and the love of details is what leads to a very interesting dynamic between the two.

How are you influenced musically? What artists are your currently listening to?
Influenced: The Do, Kevin Morby, Lauryn Hill, Nina Simone, Cypress Hill, Karin Dreijer, Anders Trentemøller, Sven Berge, Torbjøn BrundtlandListening to: Kedr Livansky, МЫ, Low, Maribou State, Julia Jacklin, Weval, The Blaze, Skinshape, Romare, Quantic
When it comes to songwriting how do you get inspired? 

We always start with a little chord progression or pattern that we like and dig deeper into it; put layers of instruments on top and write lyrics while topping up. Most of the time it ends up with being somewhat of a song.

How about touring? You did your last German tour last year how was that for you? 
Will you be touring again when it’s safe to do so and have you any plans for a UK tour?

Audioliths Frittenbude took us on tour through Germany last year in November and December. We love that. They became our family. But touring can also be very draining if you don’t take enough care about yourself.We’d love tour the UK. We had a few gigs in London in 2018 and it always felt like home with the awesome crowd we had there.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
Fine arts and writing new material.

Final message?
Hi mom!