A Star Is Born Film Review

This is a remake of a remake of a remake of a movie from 1937, yes it is confusing. This has so much promise but when you have big shoes or boots to fill.

(The previous versions have had Judy Garland, Barbara Streisand, James Mason & Kris Kristofferson in them, which is simply impressive.) So with that said and who they’re following, it should be easy for someone of Bradley Cooper’s acting talent as well as Lady Gaga’s singing right?
So we start with country singer Jackson Mane (Bradley Cooper,) who after performing at a festival, heads into LA and into a bar where he sees Ally (Lady Gaga) a waitress by day who by night sings at the bar he’s drinking at. (BTW he’s an alcoholic.) After singing “La Vie en Rose” he’s amazed and introduces himself to her. After a night together (No not sleeping just talking.) He drops her off at her house, he invites her to the show he’s performing later on that night, she refuses. After she quits her job, she goes to the show with her friend Ramon to see him, after arriving, he persuades her to perform on stage with him and well wow!!!! That is the basics not gonna ruin anything else for you.
Pros, right we have a guy who’s never directed a movie, we have a singer who’s never done a movie, (for the record, she did star in a season of American Horror Story, to which she got rave reviews.) You put them together and what should be a disaster actually is a master stroke of genius. Cooper and Gaga are well brilliant, regardless of whether it’s chemistry, their singing together, (and it doesnt feel that Gaga’s voice doesnt drown out Bradley’s cause his is very good.) She feels like a natural actress and he feels like a natural singer. The songs they sing are phenomenal, some even make you shed tears (as the two ladies sat next to me demonstrated.) Those who only know Gaga as we have known her in the music business, might be in for abit of a shock, cause she plays a character drastically different from what she is used to playing or being, But she shines through, the writing, directing and camera work especially is absolutely fantastic. The camera work makes the film feel very low budget which isnt a bad thing. Both characters you can feel for, Cooper’s Jack is dealing with alcohol issues and Gaga’s is struggling with being rejected cause of how she looks. I feel the movie deals with the ups and downs of fame very nicely. The movie is quite dark more darker then you might think, i actually heard that Cooper actually played Cochella and Glastonbury just to get in the swing of things and he had the most unusual way for getting into character but it worked. Aside form them 2, i will say that Sam Elliot and Andrew Dice Clay are brilliant supporting actors too.
i could go on and on but I’d be here all day.
Cons, erm erm i would only say if you dont like seeing people going through hell, then avoid it.
In closing, ok i kinda made the cons up alittle, i have tried and tried to think of things wrong with it, all the reviews I’ve seen have got no negativity in them whatsoever. That is saying something, but I genuinely think if there is a movie that is as close to perfection as you can get, then this is it.  5/5DKFILMREVIEWS2