Meet Swatti as she launches her new single Catch Me out now.

Music Promotions was lucky enough to interview Swaati in connection with her new single, tour plans, album plans, songwriting and more full interview is below.

Can you start by introducing yourself?

Hi my name is Swaati, a singer-songwriter from West London.

How long have you been singing?

From the age of 5 I was playing keys and part of choirs growing up but never really took singing seriously until about 13 when I came out of my shell a bit more.

Is “Catch Me” a good indication of your music style?

Our latest single “Catch Me” showcases the kind of vibe we have been working on in the last few months but we’re always trying to evolve and expand our creativity.

Your lyrics have a very personal touch, who inspires you as a song-writer?

I listen to A LOT of music every day so it’s hard to narrow it down. If I had to choose I’d say I’ve learned a lot from listening to London Grammar, Lykke Li, Grimes, and Jhene Aiko.

Are there any songs in the charts right now that you wish you could have written?

One Kiss by Dua Lipa is a banger that is so easy to listen to, has a really great melody and feel and something I could see myself writing. 

Any artists that you’d like to collaborate with?

Stromae and 6lack – if you’re reading this hit me up!

Have you got an album coming out?

We’re looking to put out a new album or EP in the near future.

What advice would you give any artists breaking through as a singer?

Stay strong and may the force with you! But seriously, staying consistent and persistent is a valuable lesson you’ll learn very quickly.

Have you got any tours planned?

No but we’re always open to surprises

Anything further you’d like to add?

Follow my music via www.swaati.co.uk