Congratulations are in order for your new distribution deal with Universal Music Group! How does this change NVE Records future in music?

First of all thank you all for your time and support of NVE Records. The distribution deal with Universal Music Group is truly the ultimate dream of indie labels and artists, having the backing from the largest music organization in the world along with the artistic and creative control gives us the freedom to write and compose the music we feel the people can really relate to and wants to hear.

With a lot of your artists releasing singles this summer and fall, of all different genres – can you tell us a little bit about the process of how you decide to sign the talent you do?

NVE Recording artists are not just artists. We are a music family, creating a music impression in the hearts of listeners of the world. When I sign talent, I don’t just sign anyone. I sign hard workers, people eager to grow and work together towards a common goal. Obviously talent is a must, however, I pay attention to how artists carry themselves in the business of music, work ethics, and confidence. Confidence is the magnet that attracts the hearts of the people bringing comfort to those who are not sure. I ultimately look to sign talent who can provide longevity and music security to the fans and listeners.

You yourself have projects in the works as well, a jazz project and an EDM project. Can you touch on those a little bit.

The jazz project is more of a traditional jazz vibe with an urban twist, which will be under the name Gary Dotson and the EDM album is more like a mix of Dance and Dubstep vibe under my middle name Devon serving as my alter ego. There will be some great features on these albums so stay tuned into the website for the latest updates. The forecasted release dates of these projects will be sometime in late fall/early winter 2015.

When you are creating music, for yourself or for your artists, where do you find inspiration?

When I’m creating music many things inspire me from listening to old records to traveling the world and observing my surroundings. When I’m producing and/or songwriting for a specific artist. I like to do my research and know that artist story. Any way I can have the artist involved makes the performance that much better and the fans really appreciate it.

Do you prefer working in any genre more than others? Why or why not?

My musical roots are gospel and soul, however, I believe music is the universal language and I love speaking all languages of music from pop, rock , dance, jazz, r&b, hip hop to gospel, country, classical, EDM, blues, folk, and more. So to answer your question; I love them all the same.


Gary Devon Dotson | NVE Records

Traveling internationally, overseeing multiple companies under the Nite Vision Entertainment Umbrella, as well as being an artist and a father – what is a typical day like for you?

The million dollar question lol. Sometimes there are not enough hours in the day. Being a single father and business owner, I know everything needs balance and I try my best to have that balance of my everyday life with family time, work, creativity, meetings, overseeing the label, artists, marketing, etc.


What is your take on the current music scene? What do you feel we need more or less of?

Today’s current music is starting to take a shift into the right direction. For a period of time any and every kind of noise was considered music and that time was depressing.

I do think artists need to be more transparent with their artistry and be more relatable to the listeners and potential fans because at the end of the day we are all in the same boat together. We are not better than any other person. We are the voice for those who can’t creatively articulate their words into songs that get them through that day, or fall in love, give hope, etc.

That is what we need more of.

You also just recently placed a Latin track on ‘The Voice’ in the U.S.,  do you have any dream collaborations or placements? Who are the top artists you’d like to write for or films you’d like to score?

I’d love to work with Quincy Jones and just pick his brain. I’d love to collaborate with Jessie J., Ed Sheeran, Adam Levine, Janet Jackson, Jusitin Timberlake, Beyonce and the list can go on and on….

You and your label are very prominent on social media and your style is very fashionable. Do you have a favorite label or designer, and do you prefer dressing up or casual?

I’m not really a designer brand kind of guy, but if it’s a nice I will rock it and try to do it some justice lol.


And lastly, what’s next for you and the NVE Camp?

Currently we have Furyus’ song “Gotta Do” out along with Vince Tomas’ song “Selfie”, with the video on VEVO.

Rebecca King is releasing her first single on NVE Records within the next two months as well as artist Vernac.

We are expanding the music catalog and signing great writers to NVER Publishing.

BTL (between the lines), a songwriting house co-founded by Gary Devon Dotson and Debbie Blackwell features some of the best writers internationally.

We are also launching PIMDOT Publishing, co-founded by artist Mandi Leigh and I, giving literary authors  an outlet as well.

And lastly, we’ve expanded our roster adding singers Rebecca King from London, Tevin Williams from Missouri, Rebecca Olsen from Denmark and writers from all over the world.

It’s an exciting time for NVE. Stay tuned!