The CutKelvins

Keeping it in the family brother and sister group The Cultkelvins delivered week after week with their incredible orginal songs which proved a big hit with the viewers who voted for them every week.
Now after the show ends the X Factor tour has began for them to carry on doing what they do best with their incredible live performances.
Shereen spoke with Music Promotions before their Newcastle show to talk about being in the studio, her love of JLS!! and getting their own music out.

You performed a lot of your own material on the X Factor will you be releasing any of it on your first album?

No it will all be fresh and new material that nobody as heard, the stuff for the show was just written for that in mind really.

Who are the main inspirations of your songwriting?

Our group inspirations was our dad but song writers like Smokey Robinson he makes it sound so sick he’s a genius he makes it sound so simple right away when there is a lot that goes into songwriting.

Can we expect new music from you this year?

Yes definitely.

Are you currently in the studio recording?

Yes even more than rehearsals we are popping out into the studio to finish recording some songs.

What have you taken away from your time at the X Factor?

Vocally we came along a lot stronger together and we tried a lot of different things that we haven’t always tried before.

What were your performance highlights?

Definitely the originals we did it’s a completely different feeling when you get to perform your own songs.

If you could go back and change anything would you?

No I feel like that’s a rule I take it’s me throughout life sometimes you may think I wish I had done this or I would have done that but that makes you who you are today .

If you could work with anyone from the X Factor past or present who would you like to work with?

JLS were my all time favourite I loved them.

Any tour spoilers?

I’ll be doing a short duet with Grace that’s all I’ll say…;)

Have you got anything else live coming up after the tour?

We do plan on doing our own tour around the U.K.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Just getting our own music out there and performing live to people.