Welcome to a brand new Music Promotions interview with The Dark Light, i was lucky enough to speak to them and get the low down on their music, the festival circuit and much more.


Can you start by introducing your selves and telling everyone a little about the Dark Light? 

Hi all, we are a Rock and Roll band based in London. We love dirty guitars sound, massive choruses, huge tunes.

The band has very different backgrounds, cause Gerard Edwards, the singer, is from Liverpool, Sonny Moylan, the bass player is from East London, Roberto Cicorelli, the guitar player is Italian, as myself and Henning, the drummer, he’s German. I just think also if we are coming from different places, music is really what creates an unique language for us all.

Can you talk us through the tracks on your album Keep Of The Grass? 

I think that there are different kind and styles of songs, for example there are some Garage Rock and Roll songs as She likes it, To the sky, Watching you burn and Keep off the grass. There are Pop songs as It’s alright, Under the skin, We are the stars. There’s a soul song as Be mine and a Shogaze song as Higher than the light. Then a ballad  as Looking for love. We put together all our souls and feels so we got exactly what we are. I am happy that with the producer Shuta Shinoda we worked at the Hackney road studio exactly towards the direction we wanted to. The album has been mastered then by John Webber at Air studios.

Who inspires your music?

Mainly simple things as what we live. So I just could say that the Dark Light music is our experiences played with feelings, energies, irony and fun.

How long did you spend writing and recording your album? 

Me and Gerard spent a couple of months to write the songs in Gerard’s living room as we were watching football matches and having few drinks. Then we spent a month in studio with the band to arrange them at the best shape possible.

What is your opinion of the current music scene? 

I think it’s missing Rock and Roll out there, I wish cool bands will come soon!

Who are you all currently listening to? 

I really enjoy Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, I think they’re the best Rock and Roll band now

What live shows have you coming up? 

Our next gig will be 25 May at Dingwalls in Camden! Come down!

Will you be on the festival circuit this summer? 

We will give updates soon on our sites!

Do you think with social media and streaming it’s easier to bring your music out? 

It’s definitely a platform that creates a visibility, but what should really matters is just the music to me.

What’s coming up next for you? 

We are completing our website and will post you soon for our next gigs soon!

Final Messages? 

We invite all of you to come to see us live! Let’s Rock and Roll together!