The Mocking Jays Interview

The Mocking Jays if you love discovering new music and love gigs then its a must to see The Mocking Jays live and make sure you check out their music on Apple Music, Spotify and all other digital download platforms.

There new single is out now

Rescue Rooms your home town gig, how’s it feel being back in your home town on your? 

There is no comparison really it’s been amazing seeing the rest of the UK and doing all these dates but there is nothing quite like the home crowd show with people we have known for years coming down to see us.

Whats its like to record in the studio in Nottingham?

We used a studio in Nottingham for some our recordings but to be honest we are looking to get out to the country and trying out different studios down south or up north but we have always recorded in Nottingham in the past it’s always been a really great experience.

How long do you spend writing and recording?

We write the basis of the song in a rehearsal space or somebody’s car or bedroom then we take it to the studio and get our heads down for a week or so and then we do a bit of writing when we’re in there, play around with symposizers and sounds with a producer we are writing while we’re recording.

Do you write for other artists or just your selves?

At the moment we’re just writing for our selves but we would consider writing for other people in the future.
Who inspires you all musically?
It’s funny because with the five of us we all listen to different music but I think the common thread with bands is like don broco, the 1975’s, artic monkeys, Kasabian and Red Hot Chilly Peppers .

How would you describe the sound of the band?

We started off as a pop rock band but the good thing is we are always trying to develop and bring our sound forward so we are more heavy rock now but we still try and keep that pop dance catchy chorus to not aliente the fans we made in the beginning.

What is a typical day on the road like for you?

Today’s been really nice as we could have a lie in as we didn’t have far to travel, typically we meet up about 7:30-8 in the morning get down to the city we are playing do some press shots and do some exploring then it’s loading at the venue, soundchecks and waiting for the actual time to go on stage and normally we go for dinner and have a couple of pints and just chill out before we go on stsge.

Will you be building on this tour with more dates for this year or next?

For this year we are going to stick with what we have already got and nail out those shows and then we are in the studio in December and hopefully releasing a single again and another next year and the hopes are do another tour but with more dates on get to Scotland and further up north and London just basically get out there to more fans.

Do you have an album coming out?

We dont have an album but we are always wring songs so we have got a bank of songs but I wouldn’t say we have a solid album yet, the plan is to release singles for a little bit and probably this time next year look at what we have got in terms of songs and take it from there.

Do you think it’s important to release more singles than albums what is important to you as a band in terms of album releasing?

It definitely benefits people but i think the good thing about releasing singles is you can properly focus on that song and the social media that goes around it with all the promotion because when you release an album you can promote that album and do all the digital side to match that album but you have to pick out the songs and give them that dedicated time but for us it’s more manageable for us to do singles for a bit.

What is your thoughts on social media does it help artists in terms of getting your music out there?

Yes it is a necessary evil I think that’s another thing we try and that’s to interact with our fans always messsinging on Instagram, social media plays a massive role in a bands success particular in marketing and promotion and it’s going to carry on that way I can’t see it changing any time soon.

Your current single I can’t Be Without Your Love what was the story behind the single?

Funny enough it was about social media the main message is taken a side that people run bands and business on Instagram or Facebook and you also have your personal profile it becomes so addictive trying to get gratification getting likes on pictures, interactive on your profile which can be mad because you sit on your phone for hours and hours and its silly because you may only get 60 likes on that photo and your thinking why haven’t I got as many as another photo, it’s basically saying social media is that powerful it affects you that way.

Final messages from you?

If your into your music and into your bands please come and check us out it’s always good to get out and see new bands and we promise not to let you down it will be a top show.