The Original Rude Boys

The Original Rude Boys Interview

The Original Rude Boys are the hottest new band to emerge from Ireland since The Script, the band they are currently supporting on tour.
Bringing screaming, huge support from the arena crowds, an incredible live show, amazing songs The Original Rude Boys are set to make 2013 their year. You can purchase a copy of their album right now all details to be found at their official web site
The Original Rude are one of the nicest bands that i have interviewed very friendly, very down to earth. This interview was backstage at The Script tour in Sheffield right before they blew the roof off as the one and support.
Could you start by telling us more about The Original Rude Boys?
We are the Original Rude Boys, we have been together for over 2 years, we started out in March 2011 and stuck a video up for a few friends on you tube and people got hold of it and it went viral so here we are now as a band.
You have the album out now, is it just through your web site or is it available through itunes, amazon etc?
The album did get a proper release in Ireland, it was in all the stores and itunes it is also on amazon and band camp if your outside Ireland.
Could you talk us through any tracks what are on it does it define your music style?
Its just one part of of us, we are moving on to the second album now messing about with different sounds and progressing as a band and the music progresses along side it.
Who inspires you all as a band or individually?
I think we all have certain inspirations as a band that we agree on, like hip hop and the Beatles, as for individually we like singer songwriter stuff there is a whole list of everything with different genres that we are interested in but collectively we all agree on the Beatles that’s the only band that we agree on and like.
Is there any one that you would like to work with in the future or are you just mainly focusing on your selves as a band right now?
There is a lot of artists, we could list so many that we would love to work with in the future, with The Script being one, ED Sheran there is so many to name hopefully by next year we will have a few of those ticked!
How are you finding touring with The Script so far? having done the Ireland and Now UK Dates?
We did the Irish dates and the Europe dates with the lads, its like being on tour with your mates, we get on well with them we live down the road from them in Ireland, so its like same band same jokes its like being with a group of mates, they have welcomed us.
It is really nervous performing the live arenas playing the first arena gig we got a brilliant welcome the rest has all been plain sailing so fingers crossed it carries on like that.
Have you had any favorite venues that you have performed so far or have you loved them all the same?
We loved them all its very easy to love them all its huge, i think with arenas they are all the same big, the crowds are what make the gig and they have been so welcoming its been great for us.
Have you got any more tours coming up after The Script? anything that you can talk about?
We have been announced for T in the Park in Scotland that’s a festival and we do hope to after The Script tour to do our own smaller tour around the UK and get the name out there and hopefully we will be announced for a few more festivals around the UK as well so there will be a lot more of us on this side of the world this year.
Have you got a single coming out soon over here soon?
Its not been decided yet it’s all hush hush at the moment but you can definitely expect something in the near future. Fingers crossed it will be this year.
For any one who has not been to see you live yet what can they expect? a little taster ๐Ÿ™‚
A lot of energy on stage and a lot of surprises so people will get to know our music and the people that do know our music say we sound better live than we do on the album that is fantastic to hear, really nice… they can expect a proper good show ๐Ÿ™‚

What is coming up next for you any thing that you can discuss?
Back home in Dublin we have two headline shows at a place called the Olympia theatre so we are pretty excited about that and we are going off to Australia to do stuff and off to different countries getting the music out there.
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