The Overtones

Fresh with new member Jay James, himself and Mark kindly took time from their busy schedule of touring and a new EP to speak with Music Promotions about Jay joining, longevity, touring, 2020 plans and much more


Now that Jay James has joined the overtones how has he fitted in with the band? 

When we thought about getting a new member there was only one name on our lips we knew instantly Jay would be perfect, his style, his amazing voice, his work ethic he has slotted into place he’s been brilliant. 

(Jay) It’s been amazing I’ve been friends with the boys for years now as Mark said. 

I’ve been privileged to support the boys about 4 years go, I’ve done about 6 or 7 shows with them so I know the show and the audience it’s an absolute privilege & I really do believe that everything I’ve done previously from the x factor to an artist deal with Decca it’s all brought me to this moment right now and we’re all having a ball.

What can your fans expect from your Christmas tour? 

It could be described as the old and the new… every year our Christmas tour has become part of people’s Christmas diary there is a huge buzz around it we get lots of people coming to celebrate their festival parties with us and this year is extra special as we have Jay in the band we have a fresh energy and some amazing new music to share with everybody it is ultimately the xmas party of the year.

An overtones show is all about forgetting your worries getting up on your feet having a dance and having a good time, there is a lot of horrible stuff going on in the world and I think people look towards music to get that excitement and live in the moment. 

Will there be a Christmas album coming out and a new single? 

We have a Christmas Ep which is out now, we will be performing exclusive new tracks that we have recorded together we are really looking for to that and we have been in rehershals all last week and this week it’s fair to say we are really excited about this tour. 

With Jay on board now, we’re on to our 7th album there is a big back catalogue and jay has rose to the challenge and then some nailing all the routines we have choreographed this year we have really stepped it up there is a new flavour to our routines we can’t wait to share with everybody. 

How long do you spend in rehearsals planning this tour? What are your plans moving into 2020? 

Next year is a huge year for The Overyones its our ten year anniversary so there is a lot of working going into play, you speak about the work that goes into the tour I can tell you first hand it’s unbelievable the team we have around us they are incredible, to the people designing the set to the lighting, the merchandise, the programmes, choreography there is a many people involved they are amazing people who put a lot of energy into a show that you can come along to enjoy it’s a lot of planning and looking to next year we will be writing original music and looking back on the last ten years to make next year a full-on celebration things are really busy but we are looking forward to getting out amongst them

Speaking of the EP will you be releasing any singles from it?

There is a couple of songs on the Ep that we are looking to release, there is one song in particular were really proud to share with everyone and that’s our version of Walking In The Air which we have done and looking forward to people’s reaction to it. 

Will there be a live dvd of the tour?

(Jay) It’s something we are looking into at the moment, for next year the plan is for the big tour The Overtones ten. 

For this year I joined in July there has been a lot of preparation and work gone in but next year we have more chances to work on different things as a DVD for this tour wasn’t possible, next year we are looking forward to a really big year with lots of surprises along the way. 

Are you planning to do any arena tours later on it are you happy with the theatres? 

Obviously our main objective is to make sure our fans have an amazing time and anybody that wants to come to our concerts and to be fair we enjoy performing in the theatres the setting seems to fit our music so well and it gives us that intimacy with our fans we get to see everyone having a great time we get to see your smiling faces everyone singing along we are lucky especially after ten years in the business that we are still selling out UK tours if we end up doing a few areas along the way so be it but we’re very lucky and happy guys to be doing what we do and all the support we get from our amazing fans.

As you said you’ve been in the Industry a long time, what is the secret to your success? 

For us were genuinely passionate about what we do we’re all fans of the style of music we record and we’re all keen songwriters as well, I think the songs that we cover and the original songs we write are all timeless, we are dealing with classic songs here so for us to be able to put our own stamp on those songs and to still be around ten years later it’s a testament to those classic songs and hopefully its a testament to the hard work we put in and our fans that are loving the music. 

(Jay) From being in the industry a long time I think the boys can owe their longevity to the way they treat people and how energetic they are to opportunities and they don’t take anything for granted that’s something I love. I remember the first show we did in Norwich this year we came off stage it was sold out and we went back on stage to meet everybody and we was on stage for nearly two and a half hours shaking hands, taking photos that’s something I personally love and seeing the boys enjoyed doing that as well it all made sense with the millions of records sold, thousands of fans all around the UK and that’s because they never take anything for granted that’s so important it’s not about being famous or being on tv and this that and the other it’s about making music and meeting as many brilliant people as possible and that will never change. 

You can’t help but have fun with the kind of music we’re performing and we are so glad the audience feel the same as well.