The Rua Interview

From being onstage to making movies, The Rua have a lot going on and they kindly took time from their busy touring schedule with Westlife to speak with Music Promotions about life on the road with Westlife, to making movies, a eye liner range! And much more see the full interview below. 


How are you finding the Westlife tour?

It’s has been one of the most fun things we have ever done, we spend a lot of our time in America so being able to come over and do something closer to home is really good to audiences of the biggest numbers we have ever played, we are ticking of venues on our bucket list, lots of places we have never been to before.

We’ve been pretty much every where in the US but not here in the UK, when you live in your own country you will be like I’ll go there one day so it’s nice that we can travel round the travelling has been great, the crew have been amazing, the boys have been great it’s been a really lovely tour so far.

What have the crowds been like?

We think they are different, American crowds are different because they hear our accent they like the accent they are very enthusiastic, they are here but it’s a different vibe a different level of enthusiasm we was worried because we was born in London and we think of us going to gigs, do we go and see the opening act? what are people like with the opening act… because we are playing all the time we forget what it’s like to go to a gig, will they like us, if we say hello will they do anything… they have actually been amazing so supportive.

Will you be doing a meet and greet after your set?

A few of them we have but because we are playing just before Westlife its not always possible, Westlife come over very soon after us and people are very eager to be there ready, we do love to do them.

We are doing a HMV meet greet where people can come along and meet us.

(See for all dates)

How would you describe your music?

It’s pop rock, fairly pop, we had a review done before and we was compared to The Cranberries, Fleetwood Mac and Taylor Swift, we think you have to compare it by comparing it to different artists to get an idea, we need to create our own genre The Rua genre!!

Who inspires you musically?

Everyone and everything, in terms of writing songs we write from experience and people watching! Something our friends have gone through and films. Growing up if we liked a song we liked it we didn’t care who sang it, we grew up listening to everything from Frank Sinatra to the Spice Girls it’s really stretched out.

You have appeared in quite a few movies, like Harry Potter, Thor Dark World and Snow White and the huntsman how did they come about?

It’s normally quite a last minute thing, just the other day I was doing a Christmas carol (Allana) and that’s a BBC programme that’s it’s going to be on, it suits us last minute because if we knew were free and something comes up we can do it, the Harry Potters they were for about 5 years we did them, the timing was quite good as i was at university (Allana) Rosanna had just finished school and done my gap year, Johnathan was still at school.

What would be your dream film role?

A marvel one would be good (Johnathan) I would like to be Anna in a real life Frozen (Rosanna) I would be brilliant If I do say so my self!!! Or a Disney princess, a musical would be quite good. It would be good to be in a series like Black Mirror or killing eve, or something funny we need more light hearted things.

Do you have a single out now?

We have a double a side out, at the moment in America we have a song called Gasoline out which Johnathan is lead on its number 27 in the chart there, here now in line with the tour we have a double single All I Ever Wanted and Gasoline we have been popping to a few radio stations and radio Sheffield just added All I Ever Wanted to the playlist which is nice.

When is your album out?

We have just released our second album, it’s just come out in line with us doing the Westlife tour you can buy from all merchandise stands and at HMV plus online.

Have you any more tours lined up after the westlife tour?

We would love to be able to do more tours, after the Westlife tour we head back to America for a little bit then we will be coming back, there was a few things at the beginning of the tour In the pipeline everything is so last minutes, the Westlife tour they prepped months in advance and we got told a month before we was doing the tour.

Would you like your own makeup ranges and in Johnathan case clothing maybe?

I would love a makeup range I have a whole plan already worked out, an eye liner range!!!! (Rossana) (Johnathan) clothing yes, socks would be great!

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The Rua’s album is out now in HMV and online.