The Scheme

#TheScheme are back with a brand new single  and a new girl band that they helped form called #ALULA


who feature on their double a sided single The Charity song ‘Jordans song’ and there own single ‘Dust’ more about that within this interview as well as touring plans in the US , their much talked about highly anticipated  album, radio tours, chart expectations and more. 


What have you been up to since your last interview with Music Promotions? 

Well we have been traveling a lot, Working and writing for the album which we can’t wait to play to you guys! We have a new Member!!! who is completely awesome so that helps. We have also got involved in the amazing Charity for little Jordan in the USA. That about sums it up 😉
How did your charity single Jordan’s smile come about with your new girl band protégés? 
My (Kyle’s) family became close friends with Jordan’s family following my father doing the funeral for Jordan last year.  When I was home last December, Jordan’s father approached me with the idea of writing a song for Jordan.  Naturally, I took the idea back with me to the guys and we ending up writing Jordan’s Smile a few weeks later!  Already having close relations with ALULA, who we helped put together, they were very excited to get involved with the song and help promote such a great charity and cause.
Can you tell us more about the band?
We’re just three guys who are great friends and share the same dream of wanting to make music together!  We pride ourselves on our close relationship and teamwork. Because of this, we decided to have no frontman, but to share everything equally, as we all have so much to offer to the music. We will always continue making music as a team, because without all 3 of us, it wouldn’t be The Scheme.
What we can expect from them and when? 
Our charity single ‘Jordan’s Smile’ has just recently dropped and our new single ‘Dust’ will be released on the 25th of July! We have a lot of exciting things planned including a tour in America later this year!
How would you describe the sound to you single Dust?
Dust, is a song depicting the critical crossroads in a relationship – one of which could blossom into something beautiful, and the other, fade away into “Dust”.  With an infusion of Pop, R&B, Rock and a lot of our our own flavor, we think we have a record that everyone can listen to and really enjoy!
Where did you shoot the video for both the singles?
Our video for ‘Dust’ was shot at Hackney Downs Studios in London. We shot the video for ‘Jordan’s Smile’ at the iconic Parr Street Studios in Liverpool, where amazing artists such as Coldplay & Rihanna have also recorded many records.

Do you have any chart expectations towards the single? 

Of course we would all love a number one!!!!!…….However we are pretty new to this and so we would be happy with a top 40 being realistic…We are having some amazing feedback from Tv and Radio so lets see…….
Are you still working on your album? 
We sure are. In fact we are off to LA to finish it in Sept. It is coming together really nicely. With having a new member we decided it would be a great idea to start again and write it with Aleksey, That way he can put his own little spin on some of the tracks. 
Have you any live festivals/summer concerts coming up? 
We are in the midst of promoting our single ‘Jordan’s Smile’ which we wrote for the ‘Jordan Smelksi Foundation For Amoeba Awareness’ in memory of Jordan Cole Smelksi.  We will be performing the song in August at the Amway Center to help raise awareness for this amazing charity and cause. While we are there we will be doing a Radio tour and possibly Fox News to talk about the cause. We also as you know are  off to LA so we plan some shows there too! Possibly a support tour but nothing is confirmed just yet!
If you could re work any song currently in the charts which would you choose? 
There’s lots of songs we love at the moment, but we would love to re-work Jealous by Nick Jonas!
If your music was picked to appear on a sound track to any film which film would you want it to be?
There are so many films that we’re into, either old or new, but if we had to choose, we would love our music to be in a film such as The Fault In Our Stars. We really aim for very raw, emotional lyrics that hit straight to the heart and we feel like a film such as that would be a great match for our music.
What is next for you?
Our new single Dust will be released on the 25th of July which we are very excited about!  We also have our debut album in the works which we hope to be able to share sometime later this year! 
Any final messages? 
Our only goal as a band is to create great music that our fans can really enjoy and connect with. We’re very excited to see where this road takes us, and we hope we’re around for a long time!