The Scheme

Welcome The Scheme a band like you’ve not heard or seen before bringing something different to music with their infectious style which will leave you wanting more:

Sick Of You out to Buy November 17th.

Could you tell us more about who The Scheme are? 

Sure, to put it simply, The Scheme are three guys who have been friends for a long time and all share the same dream, to be in a great band and to write great music. As all three enjoy singing, it was decided that there would be no front man as such, but to equally share parts and influence in the music and performance. This has served as an integral part in building who The Scheme are, and we are all proud to be able to sing and play instruments .

How was the band Formed? 

Billy and Kris have known each other for a long time. They have been in bands together in the past and have always remained friends. So when Kris met Kyle in a studio in north London during a writing session, they got on really well and talked about forming a band together. So it didn’t take Kris long to call Billy and invite him for a jam. Once the guys were together it was clear they wanted to start a band together and write music, so that’s how the band was formed.

Can you tell us more about your debut single? 

Sick of You is a song for all those people having tough moments at the end of their relationships, people who are tired of arguing with their loved ones and just want peace. This is a common issue that comes up in most peoples lives somewhere along the line (including our own). We thought Sick Of You would be a good song to release first because its upbeat, catchy and we hope it will have you singing the melody for days 😉 Not to worry though, The Scheme aren’t all doom and gloom. We have lots of variety to offer in our album, which we like to describe as the highs and lows of love and life.

 Where was the video filmed? The video was filmed in  Princelet street, just off Brick Lane in East London in a huge derelict house, it is SUCH an amazing location. We believe that a great location is a huge part of making a good video, so we chose very carefully and are proud of the result that was created.

Is this a good indication of the sound we can expect from you? How would you describe your sound?Absolutely.  Our album is a solid mix of hard hitting songs like our single “Sick Of You” to our more acoustic tracks like “Somebody Else’s Perfect” but it doesn’t matter which song you’re listening to, it’s undeniably us.  We’ve tried to create a totally different, new sound that is unique to us.  One Republic meets Coldplay is a good example, but we’re hoping when you listen to our album you’ll hear for yourself the undeniable sound of The Scheme.

Who inspires you all musically?

One of the greatest things about each of us coming from different backgrounds is that we’re all inspired by different artists which really brings a great dynamic to our writing and sound.  There are so many amazing artists that we draw inspiration from but to name a few  of our our biggest influences; The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Eric Clapton, Brian McKnight, Justin Timberlake, One Republic & Coldplay.

Any bands that you would like to work with?

The list is endless but if we had to choose we’d love to collaborate with The Script, Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars & One Republic

We wrote our album in Berlin so it’s all done and we are so excited to release it next year.

We may add a few more tracks, maybe a feature with another artist so let’s see!

Who in the charts are you currently listening to?

Currently we are listening to, Sam Smith, The Script, One Republic, George Ezra, Magic, U2, Ed Sheeren and  5SOS

Have you any live supports/ gigs coming up?

Well yes we have some big gigs up north, which Kristofer is excited for since he is from Liverpool. We are also doing a radio and event tour starting from the end of Oct which we are really looking forward to. As for supports we may have a very big support but our lips are sealed until it’s on the table. 😉

What is next for you?

Well our single is out the 17th of Nov so we are totally getting hyped for that and as we mentioned we are off to promote that with radio and gigs and you may even see us on the telly soon!!!  Also Matt Evers and Susanne Shaw have picked our first single to Skate to in the new show Professionals On Ice! which is going all over the UK! so we are really grateful for that opportunity as it means that most ice arenas will be playing Sick Of You to thousands of people 😉